7 tips to start freelancing on Fiverr (Complete Beginner Guide)


Earning a livelihood on the internet is one of the great things digitization has brought(freelancing on Fiverr). The past decade has seen an increase in businesses going online. This move has created a job market where people can offer their services online, and from anywhere in the world.

The term for these jobs is “freelancing”. A freelancer is an independent individual who can work whenever they want and from wherever they want. Freelancing was made possible because of rapid digitization. Freelancers offer a variety of services. Some of them are multi-taskers, and some of them have a niche in a particular field. They charge money according to their time involved in a project, and the amount of expertise put into them. A freelancer who is a beginner earns lesser than those who have some experience. So, acquiring a skill improves your chances of getting projects on different freelancing marketplaces.

7 tips to  start freelancing on Fiverr (Complete Beginner Guide)

People are attaining the skills, and choosing to freelance over regular jobs because it’s less time-consuming and they get paid handsomely if their work is satisfactory. If you are good at something such as copywriting, web designing, graphic designing, content writing, etcetera there is a great chance that you will get work as a freelancer.

Some tips on how to start freelancing on Fiverr(a complete beginners guide)

Fiverr is an Israeli-origin company established in 2010. It is an online platform created for freelancing. There is buyer and seller in this excellent online marketplace for freelancers. A buyer can buy the services of a seller. That’s how this amazing online platform works.

Tip 1. Creating the correct profile on Fiverr

The journey on Fiverr starts with the creation of your profile. When you register on Fiverr they ask you some questions about yourself and what you do. Here you have the opportunity to define yourself, and your appearance on Fiverr. This definition of yourself will help you find potential buyers on Fiverr.

An original profile picture is very important to show professionalism. The profile picture is displayed on your profile page as well as on every offer page you will create.

Profile description comes next while creating your profile on Fiverr. Profile description is all about underlining your competence, and also telling a short story about yourself. People tend to work with interesting personalities. Describe yourself as a unique person than others such as how you get into what you do, how your skills can help someone, what values are particularly important to you at work, etcetera.

Fiverr offers other ways to share more about yourself on your profile such as you can choose the languages you can speak or write, Your completed tests that Fiverr offers for free, you can share linked accounts, Skills you have, and educational qualifications, and Certificates.

Tip 2. Putting the perfect gig

After you finish creating your profile on Fiverr, the next step is putting the perfect gig. Putting the perfect gig is advertisements for your services.

The first step in putting the perfect gig title. The gig title should be concise contains catchy words and addresses the need directly. The next step is putting Gig’s photo(freelancing on Fiverr). The title along with the photo is the first thing that will be seen by clients. You should make sure that the photo is clear, catchy, and has a modern design. The photo should contain short concise texts. The photo should be authentic.

If you manage to create a good-quality photo and title of your gig, you will be able to convince people. Now, you want these people to not fizzle out, and they are converted into orders for you. This is where the Gig description plays an important role. If your description of the gig is precise, concise, and contains the information related to the gig, the chances of getting orders to become easy.

Tip 3. Getting the first orders

The optimization of your gig and profile is the building block of your success on Fiverr. But still, this doesn’t guarantee that you will get clients right away. The competition is simply too big on Fiverr. The Fiverr algorithm will try to know you first. The best way is to get positive customer experiences and reviews.

Buyer requests are a great way of finding orders on Fiverr. On Fiverr, you can find people who have posted a particular, individual order. If you know and understand the subject, you can apply for this order, and offer your services. This is a good way of finding your first order.

If you have customers outside of Fiverr, you can request them to put an order on Fiverr. These clients from outside of Fiverr will put their orders on Fiverr, and after the completion of the work, they will provide positive reviews. This will help you in getting more orders in the future.

Asking a minimum price for your gigs also helps you in getting orders fast as the competition on Fiverr is too big.

7 tips to  start freelancing on Fiverr (Complete Beginner Guide)

Tip 4. Making your profile irresistible 

You have invested a good amount of your time in creating the right profile, gigs, description texts, and photos but you have still got no orders. This is because people on Fiverr have similar profiles like you. In this scenario, one thing you can do is to make your profile irresistible to your customers. Fiverr offers a new service called ‘Learn from Fiverr’.This initiative offers numerous courses in various fields(freelancing on Fiverr). These courses are delivered by highly experienced professionals, and if you learn a new skill from these courses, there is a great chance of your profile will turn into an irresistible profile. The buyers will prefer you, and choose you instead of any other person. This way you can get orders quickly.

Tip 5. Retain the customers

When you get the first order on Fiverr, and the buyer of your service is satisfied with your work, they will look to work with you on similar projects in the future. One thing you can do is to make sure you are available for the work. You can work as per their need, and the chances are great that you will retain them in the future too. Communication plays a crucial role in retaining clients. If you are good at communication, you will be able to communicate with them effectively and cater to their needs.

Maintaining a good quality of your services comes in handy while retaining the customer. Customers always look for good quality of work for their money. Good quality of work will create a brand image for you and will keep you apart from other freelancers. Giving your best in every project is the key here. Buyers often look for sellers that are professional in their work.

Tip 6. Go the extra mile

It’s always great to get something as a gift. Everybody loves gifts. We are all happy when we get gifts from family or dear ones. In business, where a seller is paid for all of their services, it is extraordinary on the seller’s part to offer something as a gift unexpectedly. 

This is a unique way to get noticed by buyers of your service. You get an assignment with an apparent scope and requirements. Once you have finished what you are supposed to do, you think of ways in which you can help the buyer further. To do this you offer something related to your services as a free item or as a gift.

Suppose you are a graphic designer and get an order for logo design. After you have successfully created the logo, you can research whether the client is available on social media platforms, e.g. Facebook. A gift you can present to them is creating icons that match the logo that will massively enhance the logo on Facebook. The same goes for other services offered on Fiverr. You can always go the extra mile, and create goodwill among your clients.

Tip 7. Patience and discipline do the trick

Many people on Fiverr give up easily if they don’t get an order in a week. They give up after investing a good amount of their time in a few weeks on Fiverr. The orders don’t come in easily for them, and they get frustrated easily. Patience and discipline are required while looking for orders on Fiverr. If you incorporate all the above-mentioned tips and have patience and discipline, there is a great chance you will be able to get orders and be successful on Fiverr. Keep maintaining a good quality of work and skill up yourself. You will get through all the hurdles on Fiverr.


Starting freelancing on Fiverr has become a trend for freelancers. Freelancers from all around the world are on Fiverr, and they offer a variety of services. These freelancers compete with each other with their offer of services. They put their gigs on Fiverr according to their expertise, and experience. For beginner Freelancers, there are some important tips mentioned above to get orders on Fiverr. These tips if followed appropriately can make it easy for a complete beginner as a freelancer on Fiverr. If you have the proper skills to do a job, and you professionally deliver good quality services, there is a great chance of you becoming successful on Fiverr. 

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