Best low competition website for a freelancer as a beginner in 2022

For a beginner, the best websites you should join to earn instantly should be the less competitive freelancing sites. For instance, destinations like Upwork have an enormous number of consultants, and finding work on the platform is extremely challenging. Albeit this is one of the most mind-blowing independent sites on the planet, it isn’t really for fledglings.

Therefore, it is better to sign up for freelancing sites that are relatively less competitive.

Sites like UpWork push you to compete with other freelancers and lower your prices to win jobs.

Joining a new freelancing network will give you many benefits.

So, check out the list below to see if you can find a good place to advertise your services.

This list is for you if you are a freelancer, looking for a new site to market your services, or starting as a beginner.

I have selected some new freelancing sites that will make it easier for you to get started.

These newly launched freelancing sites are less competitive and allow you to establish a name for yourself without competing at a lower price.

The following are some of the best new freelancing websites with low competition, which are slowly becoming a big platform in the industry.

Best low competition website for a freelancer as a beginner in 2022

The top list of low competition for beginner sites that may pay you well in 2022


ServiceScape is the latest and fastest-growing freelance market, specializing in publishing, translation, editing, and graphic design.

It currently has over 80,000 registered customers, many of whom are well-known businesses. However, new freelancers can easily get jobs on this site from the first day of registration. The jobs available on this site are large enough to accommodate all registered members.

However, to register online, you will need to fill out a lengthy registration form.


Writing an amazing and one of the famous freelance work boards dedicated exclusively to great copywriters. This incorporates composing day-to-day reexamined works.

Throughout the long term, Contena has assisted a great many individuals with beginning independent composition. On this website, you can find the best jobs and hire them immediately. Even after completing the quick registration process, you can easily apply for this writing job without getting involved in bidding wars.


FreeUp is a freelance marketplace for content designers, web developers, software support, sales and marketing professionals, as well as accounting, translation, and management jobs. This liberates the site from unpracticed and minimal expense specialists. Subsequently, you don’t need to participate in closeout fights to find a new line of work on this site. All things considered, you will be made up for your abilities and experience. An interesting fact about this site is that the commission is paid by the employer, not the freelancer.

If you are new to freelancing, this site is one of the best freelancing sites with low competition.


CareerGig connects freelancers with businesses that want to hire more than 1000+ highly qualified contractors, as well as provide dental, leisure, and other benefits to freelancers.

Although the name of this amazing website includes the word GIG, it is not an operating system like Fiverr.

For new consultants, this new outsourcing site extends lucrative employment opportunities. There are a lot of Jobs available in fields such as data analysis, marketing, accounting, and so on. 


Zeerk is a five-year freelance market that is gradually expanding with new freelancers each day.

A site that earns ₹200 to ₹200000 through micro jobs and freelance services. In the meantime, the site has a system that allows you to charge between ₹300 and ₹4000 for your services. You can enroll and sell for nothing, however, Zeerk will charge you an 8% to 20% commission on any deal. Because of its remarkable assistance, it has almost no contest. 

Best low competition website for a freelancer as a beginner in 2022


Speedlancer is a great freelancing platform that uses the energy of the crowd to complete your tasks faster than ever!

Due to its rapid growth, the Speedlancer is notable.

This blog is dedicated to showing only the best, or premium, freelancers. The main selling point of this site seems to be completing the work within 4 hours.

The only drawback is the 20% platform charge. It’s almost like UpWork.

However, getting a job on this freelancing site is relatively easy with less competition.


Workana is a website that connects you with customers, helping freelancers expand their companies across different sectors. Every week, Workana receives hundreds of new assignments from clients looking for freelancers. If you are a Hispanic freelancer, you should be on this list. Likewise, as a new outsourcing stage, it has a somewhat little rivalry. It is extremely wise at WFH and is unrestricted today. Make your profile and send proposition for projects. It’s free!

Working not work

It is an amazing free service for all the talented, beginner artists and also designers.  It doesn’t charge consultants, which is an expansion. Behind its peculiar name, this site appears to offer top-notch administration to specialists. This site is open to everyone from copywriters to art directors and animators. I use this freelancing site because it is cooler, easier to use, and less competitive. This website is open to everyone from copywriters to art directors and animators.

For creators, Working Not Working is completely free. Freelancers will not be charged.


Outsourcely is a new outsourcing stage that offers the best highlights and choices for consultants.

From large to small start-ups, long-distance workers find reliable long-term employment at every industry and institutional level.

Outsourcely is allowed to use free of cost, and it permits you to hold 100 percent of your income.

There are no stage expenses. Just managers pay to utilize the site.

Nevertheless, it is similarly one of the most stunning re-appropriating objections with the immaterial challenge.


Twine is an open-source storytelling platform that allows you to create deep, non-linear stories.

To create a simple story with Twine, you do not have to write any code, but when you are ready, you can add variables, conditional logic, photos, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Even for business purposes, you have the freedom to use whatever you do the way you want.

It is a new and fast-growing freelance network with 175,000 freelancers currently in the design, music, and film industries.

Graphic designers, illustrators, musicians, filmmakers, game designers, and other creative professionals can use this site.


goLance is a modern freelancing website that is quietly gaining popularity.

The founder and then the Chief Executive Officer of the site have a vision and mission for the future of the great website. Currently, the site has reached its goal, but this freelancing site is still one of the best with less competition.

Interestingly, goLance is a very flexible online freelance marketplace with low competition service charges, low competition, and quick payment options.

If you are looking for a job in marketing, programming, or web development, there are plenty of opportunities for this new site.


If you are a professional freelancer, this site is very useful. Companies will come to you instead.

Due to this, the freelancing site is less competitive.

Another surprising fact is the pay system.

Employers pay 15% for the platform, and if you bill 500 hours per customer, you will receive a $ 1,000 signing bonus from the website.

Isn’t that amazing? Sign up now!


If you are new to freelance and job searching, this is the place to be for some kind of market for freelance writers. You can hire freelance writers or make money by writing.

Join the community of this freelancer. Get endless payment programs and easy payments and clear payment methods.

Most importantly, writers do not need to create a new application. They are built and built using the built-in CMS (Content Management System).

The working framework is not difficult to explore and adaptable. It is one of the most outstanding outsourcing locales on the planet with negligible rivalry.


We have compiled a comprehensive list of the world’s newest (and most trusted) low-competitive freelancing sites and online job boards!

This is a post for our freelancing friends starting now.

If you are new to freelancing but still learning the ropes, stay away from well-known sites like Fiverr and Upwork as much as possible.

Meanwhile, less competition is fierce, and it is very difficult to get down to a project as a newcomer.

This list is especially useful for those of you who are new to freelancing who want to get a gig or project quickly or who is an experienced freelancer looking for alternative sites at a low competition.

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