How to create and publish an XML sitemap in Google in 2022

A sitemap is a way to set up a site while recognizing the URLs and data under each segment. The XML document incorporates instructions for search engine bots. Also, a sitemap is defined as a map representation that suggests how subpages are organized underneath determined groups. This form of the map creates a site map. This map is an XML document that allows search engine bots to index a domain. Sitemap navigation also can be described as describing how the format and content material at the internet site is organized.

How to create and publish an XML sitemap in Google in 2022

Let’s see what they began in the back of the sitemaps are

Websites are mainly used for continuously growing and then complexity. For example, a domain like Amazon may also have lots of pages and hundreds of thousands of products.

Perhaps Amazon is a severe example. Let’s examine the commercial enterprise internet site instead. There is a homepage that offers facts approximately the commercial enterprise, the product, or offerings it offers, touch facts, blog, and group facts. 

Why is it essential to have sitemaps?

While the solution to this query is obvious from the above dialogue of sitemaps, right here are a few motives why sitemaps are essential:

Search engine bots have in no way observed dynamic pages before. However, the XML protocol allowed bots to tune URLs extra efficiently. This is due to the fact the specified facts are saved on an identical website. XML makes it clean for bots to move slowly webpages and URLs because it incorporates a precis of the way frequently an internet site is up to date and whilst modifications are made. All the amazing records wished for SERPs are on the market in a single place, so much less time is spent on the internet. 

Sitemaps permit search engine bots to move slowly even URLs that aren’t detected with the aid of using the regular internet procedure.

Easy navigation of sitemap

We already noted that sitemaps are to start with customers. When a sitemap is designed for customers, additionally it is an internet layout making plans device with a listing of internet pages or a hierarchical association that looks in HTML format. Updates to your website need to be covered withinside the sitemap (for example, new images, videos, pages, and every other content material).

If your website has a sitemap, it is going to be less complicated for the vacationer to discover a selected website or subject matter. This is due to the fact you prepare your content material with the aid of user identity or category. A sitemap permits you to prepare your content material so that it’s miles near the house website. Visitors can discover a subject matter with the aid of using going via menus or looking at the website and the use of the sitemap.

An HTML sitemap also can be beneficial to permit your site visitors to understand what your internet site is approximate. If your sitemap has a couple of hyperlinks, you could divide them into a couple of pages. When site visitors discover what they’re seeking out clean, they’ll spend extra time on your website, interact in extra sessions, and go to extra pages consistent with consultation when you have precise content material. You will finally get site visitors and modifications again.

You can be questioning why you want a sitemap rather than specializing in growing an awesome UX for your internet site visitors. The fact is, attaining 100% UX is hard. From time to time, customers will begin looking at an inner website or re-typing the query, or trying to find navigation factors to discover a selected website or subject matter — that is which sitemaps come in.

How to create and publish an XML sitemap in Google in 2022

Let’s start with How to Create a Sitemap

Before we get started, permits examine a photo of a sitemap:

The precise information is which you do now no longer understand the way to encode the sitemap. Below are the numerous alternatives for growing sitemaps:

Using the Content Management System

If you operate a content management system like WordPress, you could create sitemaps robotically with the assistance of plugins like Yoast search engine optimization.

How to Add a Sitemap in WordPress

We will focus on the amazing way to upload a Sitemap in WordPress through Yoast search engine optimization. The sitemap code could be modern mechanically while the utilization of this module, including or putting off happy material. Also covered are the submit kinds you need to schedule. Note that submit kinds marked no index do now no longer seem at the sitemap.

Create Your Sitemap Using Yoast:

  • Log in to your WordPress site account and get entry to your Dashboard.
  • Click “search engine optimization” withinside the left aspect menu.

Search engine optimization structures make it bigger to offer you extra alternatives.

  • Select the General (Click on the general button) and click the feature.
  • After that, you need to change XML Sitemaps to On, then click the Save changes button.

Viewing process of your sitemap

  • Log in to your WordPress account and then go to Dashboard.
  • Click “search engine marketing” withinside the left aspect/side menu.

Search engine marketing structures make it bigger to offer you extra alternatives.

  • Click the General button
  • Then pick out the Features tab.
  • To view your Sitemap, 
  • click on the query mark after Convert XML Sitemaps

To use All-in-One SEO, visit All-in-One SEO> Feature Manager and allow XML Sitemaps:

The XML Sitemap seems in all-in-one search engine marketing settings:

Depending on your amazing website/site needs, are you able to click on assist? Icon to study extra approximately what you could do for every machine:

  • We can easily create and compressed our sitemap
  • We can also link our sitemap to Virtual Robots.txt

Where is the sitemap for Wix?

The sitemap for Wix sites has sitemaps that are dynamically created on their server and could be robotically up to date whilst pages or content material are delivered or eliminated out of your website/ webpage.(sitemap for Wix)

To create a sitemap for the Shopify:

All Shopify shops have an amazing programmed sitemap.xml archive. You want to discover your sitemap document withinside the supply listing of your store’s number one area name (for example, and then you can publish it to your great search engine Google Search Console.

Use different equipment to create a sitemap

You can affirm your modern-day sitemap with the use of our Sitemap Verification Tool.

Here are a few amazing tools you could use that will help you create a sitemap, which include SEOptimer Sitemap Generator and

How to create and publish an XML sitemap in Google in 2022

Let’s see how to use this:

  • Using
  • Then you need to go to
  • Copy your website URL
  • Paste it into the internet site
  • Click “Start”
  • Click on the View Sitemap Details and then click the download button which format is in the .XML document so you just make sure about it.
  • As of now, it works with contemplating your sitemaps as a summary of any issues along with your site.

Using the SEOptimer Sitemap Generator

  • Whether you adjust or create a brand-new sitemap,
  • You may additionally want to encompass facts together with the date and frequency of the ultimate modification
  • Select the range of pages on your website
  • Now you need to click the Create Sitemap button.

You may also see a crawler crawling your website:

You can click on Save XML File, replica it to the clipboard, upload your modern-day one, or add the newly created Sitemap XML document.

Once you’ve got uploaded your sitemap to your internet site, you want to affirm your sitemap with the use of SEOptimer Sitemap Validator. Then publish your sitemap to the Google Search Console and then click Submit button to Bing Webmaster Tools. 

How to feature a sitemap to the Google search console

  • You have uploaded your sitemap in your root listing. 
  • Your sitemap area needs to be
  • To add it to the Google Search Console, you need to log in to the Search Console, and 
  • Visit “Index” after which pick out “sitemaps”. 
  • Click “Add / Test Sitemap”. 
  • Enter the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the sitemap. 
  • Click the “Submit” button.

How To Add a Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools?

To sign in your Sitemap with Bing Webmaster Tools, make certain the XML Sitemap you uploaded to your website is a hit and the URL is loaded.

  • Sign in to Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Click “Configure my site”
  • Click “Sitemaps”
  • Enter your Sitemap URL withinside the textual content field labeled “Submit Sitemap”
  • Click “Submit”


Sitemaps make it an amazing clean for a search engine to our site index and also it will move slowly on your amazing website. They additionally make it less complicated for customers to navigate your website. In this manner, whilst you replace content material, SERPs and customers can without difficulty discover new content material. What does this suggest? The extra possibilities you’ve got of having an awesome rating and excessive view popularity, the increasingly newer site visitors, and modifications.

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