How to do content research for your blog in 2022

Finally, we shall talk about content research skills and let alone in 2022! How many of us still think that blogging becomes successful only with writing skills? Well, our research skills and marketing skills play a great impact too. So, let’s all show equal attention to content research alright.

We need to check the facts and strategies for almost all the topics. Yes, only to check whether those things we say in our blogs are true or not. Plus, do your research and write it in your style. To avoid getting copied from other websites and blogs, you could watch some videos too. And enough about the overview and time to go deep.

What is content?

In simple words, content exists in any form of written information available on the internet. Ok, that would be more like web content in today’s modern world of 2022. But what about others? Like the news content which we watch on TV every day right? Or it could be in a newspaper, radio, podcasts, and whatnot.

Now the content could also be an earful of information when your kid tells you all about her day at school. Yes, believe it or not, all that comes under the so-called “Content” when you write it in online media. For instance, the content might even be in a good form of art. So, it’s endless creativity!

What is content research?

Now, even it may sound like a bit of work to you initially. I know. I have been there and to make it look simple let me tell you an example. Do you like going online just through the net like Google, Facebook, or YouTube? Also if you find yourself always going through several apps to buy groceries for dinner. Great, then you got already into this web research. Plus, it comes in handy when you do research for your blogs.

Alike, we need to type in the keywords on any website or even YouTube you get a handful of content. Then you could cross-verify the facts and create your strategy in writing that into an engaging blog article(writing skills). In a nutshell, we must have a passion for creating good quality content. And the rest comes along with it.

Why do we do content research for all blogs?

That’s right. It’s always good to do some research before starting to write the blog content. That way you could as well be sure and confident in what you say to your readers. Don’t you think it would be reassuring to hear or read it once again which you knew by heart!

Whereas that would be well and good for general topics like the one I am writing here. But when you need to write about technical topics or something about technology and science. Once you got the good research skills in your hands it goes a long way. And that’s why my friend we need to do content research for all blogs let alone in 2022.

How to do content research for your blog in 2022

How do you do content research for your blog?

Visual content research plays a crucial role: 

Video content paves a great impact on how well we could retain the information. Yes, we memorize and understand the content easily when it has given in a video format.

Plus, it could take a few minutes of your time to go watch a YouTube video. Now be sure to watch the five-minute videos and even shorts or reels if necessary. Thus, it got to be a time-saving option always.

In addition to that, most people prefer videos over any other form of content. And it became so popular that video content getting higher every moment as we speak. Hence, videos have got more content available for your blog topics. So, watch more videos and be well informed. Because it plays a huge role in content research.

Text content research – no less: 

You have heard that correctly! The text content from the websites and other blogs has equal value and quality to the videos too. So far we have talked about how videos have more audience level. Yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that text has become extinct. You see, there would still be some people who live for that content. Like blogs, case studies, e-books, and so on. After all, we might have that one friend who likes to read a lot!

So, it would be best terms if we collaborate both video and text to the next level of research. In that case, you get the best of both worlds. Simply, you go to Google or any other website and look for some relevant information for your blogs. And you could even go check out other people’s blogs to have an idea of different writing styles(writing skills). Now, you need to make sure that you don’t copy the content.

However, we tend to copy the content unknowingly from others. To avoid that, you need to understand the real meaning of the content. Then you could write it in your own words(create own content). First, understand the content that you read and make it interesting with your writing style(writing skills). As I told you before, watch, read and mix them up to present the finest blog.

Next comes case study research:

Although it may seem as important to look upon we don’t do it for all blogs. Only the ones that specifically need this kind of research method. Similar to what I do now in this blog! Finally, all the content writing training which I went through has paid off.

For all the bloggers out there who have not tried it yet, now would be high time you tried it. Though, the case study is nothing but studying a particular thing over a certain period. That way, you could do your research about anything, and in this case content research. Despite that, you could learn from scratch, do mistakes and rectify it.

No matter what, you get to know the pros and cons, dos and what not to do. Not only do you learn in and out of it but also you could make good use by sharing it. After you finish your case study you could write your heart out about it all. Cool isn’t it!

How to do content research for your blog in 2022

Check facts: 

Even so, it came to be one of the most significant steps in the blog writing or content writing process. Now you got all that content in your hands with all those excellent research techniques. Next, you compare the video, text, podcasts, or case studies all should sync with each other. None of this information should mismatch. 

Then that would be the high-quality content that we all aim to achieve. If it does mismatch, then you do it all once again from the start. But worth the shot.

Create own content:

The real magic lies within the content that you create from the research that you have done. So, the research would be the foundation where the content would be the building. As I said, you need to create your write-ups. Not just copying what others told in a different way possible. Undoubtedly, it must come from your mind.

Besides, understand what you read, watch or do a case study you could write by adding more to it. Still, you could add what you have experienced in your thoughts to that content(create your own content). Or if you go by the words why do you go by and if you don’t then why do you not go by with it? Overall, it would be your thinking at its best! And putting it out in words could be a whole other story.

Keep writing and publishing:

Now properly putting the words could be challenging. Have you heard of the popular proverb “Practice makes perfect”? Well, the same goes here too and if you want to ace your writing skills you should write daily. Keep a target to yourself where you should finish writing a certain word count in a day or so.

Don’t just write, you have to publish the content that you write. In return, you could find out how people engage with your content. Also, you learn which group of people viewing the content. You would be surprised to see how well people consume your quality content.


As we come to the conclusion part, I would like to add a few things about my content research method. At first, when I started blogging I used to research and read a lot about various other content. But I have learned that watching videos could be more productive than just reading others’ blogs and web information. 

Yes, content researching as well as writing it down became vital. If you focus more time on your research that would be great. Besides that, what matters most would be your writing and how you put your research skills a good use right! In the end, content research only when combined with good quality write-ups will shine like a star in the online media. Now it would be your time to try it out and be sure to let me know in the comments.

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