How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts Videos in 2022

Youtube shorts videos are a newly introduced feature and it was announced by Youtube that people will get paid from these shorts, which makes people curious to know how many views are getting paid on Youtube shorts. Read the following article to know how many views you can get paid on youtube shorts.

Youtube Shorts

Youtube shorts videos are a newly introduced feature and it was announced by Youtube that people will get paid from these shorts, which makes people curiosity.

Youtube is the most popular processor connecting people around the world.

Here you will find videos created and shared by creators from all over. You can also gain knowledge about the location of different cultures, peoples, languages ​​, and more.

There are no restrictions on what kind of content you want to create. It can be anything you want to show the world. Many creators have become very popular with their YouTube channels.

They are influential people who have created life through the use of YouTube. There are a lot of amazing features on YouTube as well. You can also post shorts and photos on YouTube. You can also make money with Youtube shorts.

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How Many Views On YouTube Shorts to Get Money?

Youtube shorts videos are a newly introduced feature and it was announced by Youtube that people will get paid from these shorts, which makes people curiosity.

Did you know that you can monetize your YouTube views now? Yes, it is now possible with the help of YouTube Shorts Funding.

This is a $ 100 million fund that will be paid to all eligible creators. It is believed that creators can earn between $ 100 and $ 10,000 depending on their views. The content you post is very important.

We know there are many competitors in the media, so you need to make sure you have personalized content. You can not post videos from another channel or something other than your work. All shorts must be original.

No official data is showing how much is paid per view. But nowadays it is one of the best options which can help you earn some money. However, you have to meet certain conditions to monetize your money.

Criteria for monetizing YouTube shorts

These are the requirements that allow the player to make money using YouTube Shorts.

The channel must have uploaded a video worthy of bonus funding within the last 180 days

Channel y must comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Copyright Rules, and Monetization Policies.

If your channel contains videos with watermarks or logos on a third-party website, you will not be eligible.

All creators must be 13 or older in the United States. If they are from other countries, they must be adults.

If the creator is between the ages of 13-18, parental permission must be obtained. You will also need to create an AdSense account to help you pay.

All creators must be from one of these countries mentioned below in the picture.

Youtube shorts videos are a newly introduced feature and it was announced by Youtube that people will get paid from these shorts, which makes people curiosity.

How to get a bonus from youtube shorts?

If you want to know if you were selected for the bonus or not, it will be obvious as YouTube will send you an email or message notification on your YouTube app. This will allow you to qualify for the YouTube Shorts Fund. It will be shipped in the first week of each month. The news will inform you of all the details about the payment and other means. Creators can claim their bonus until the 25th of each month or it will expire.

Creators can receive the bonus by clicking on the “CLAIM BONUS” option in the notification sent to you.

  • You will be taken to the Shorts Fund page where you have to complete two more steps
  • You must accept the bonus terms and conditions
  • You must also link an AdSense account.
  • If you already have an AdSense account connected, you will soon receive a bonus
  • If you’ve set up an account, it may take a few days for YouTube to create an AdSense account for your channel.

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Since TikTok was banned in India, almost all social media sites have added a small video feature to their Android and iOS app. Instagram Introduces Instagram Reels, YouTube Introduces YouTube Shorts. Various operating systems have introduced a separate application for short videos or added features to their current application.

Anyway, hereafter, I will tell you how to make YouTube shorts viral in India by 2022. 

I recently recorded a video and uploaded it to my youtube channel to learn how youtube shorts work. I was stunned. This is a golden opportunity to enhance our YouTube channel with YouTube Shorts.

If you think you will become popular or your video will go viral after creating 2-3 youtube shorts videos, you are mistaken. Every social media site, including YouTube, has its algorithm. And you have to work and upload the content according to their algorithm.

YouTube Shorts is a new feature on YouTube. Anyone can use this feature to create YouTube short videos from their smartphone. You can create a video that is less than 60 seconds long and it will be short. You can record a short video from the YouTube Shorts Tap or your default camera.

If you create a YouTube short video with your smartphone camera and edit it through the editing apps, I think you will watch it more time than the unedited raw video.

Previously when YouTube Shorts was first introduced, it was only available to a few users on the YouTube app. But now almost every user can create a short video in a minute or two. It is better to create a shorts video in vertical length (9:16) than horizontal length (16: 9).

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How do you make a short video?

You can easily create YT Shorts video from your smartphone camera. The first step is that open your smartphone camera or normal shorting camera and you need to set up the radio to 9:16. Record the video you want to upload and edit it. Note that any video with a duration of fewer than 60 seconds is called a YouTube Shorts video.

In my experience, it is good to make a 15 second long shorts video. But if you think you are making 59 seconds or 30 seconds of videos. Keep in mind that editing the video will get more views.

There are various Android applications like KineMaster, Inshot, VN, PowerDirector that you can use to edit your videos.

How to properly upload a youtube shorts video?

You need to upload the YouTube video properly, whether it is a long video or a short film. If you do not use the right method, it means that your video will not get much attention. Follow the steps below to upload the YT Shorts video correctly.

  • Open the YouTube app.
  • Tap the + icon.
  • Make a short film.
  • Now you can post a video from here or upload the recorded video directly from the gallery.
  • Tap on upload option ->> Next.
  • Create Header ->> Add Shorts Video Related Description.
  • Open YT Studio now ->> Add Video Thumbnails, Tags (Video Related).
  • Finally add #shorts in the title, tag, and description section of the YT Shorts video which is less than 60 seconds long.

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Thumbnail for YT shorts

There are various Android and iOS apps that you can use to create your YT videos or YT Shorts thumbnail. The Canva is a great tool for creating thumbnails on a PC or laptop. If you are using an Android smartphone, PicsArt or PixelLab may be the best choice for you. 

Youtube shorts videos are a newly introduced feature and it was announced by Youtube that people will get paid from these shorts, which makes people curiosity.

How do make YouTube shorts viral?

If we want to quickly visualize YouTube shorts, we must follow the process. It takes one day for one to go viral and 1 year for another to go viral. Always remember that process is more important than the end.

Every digital marketer claims that the social media platform is always inspiring their new features. So users can use it more in their daily life.

If your channel is in the Technology section, do not upload short films other than Technology. For example, if you upload a shorts video related to dance, cooking, and your channel technology. Then your channel will be in danger. Subscribers to your channel from the shorts will not see your videos or return immediately upon opening.

You learned the YouTube algorithm. You have done the SEO of your channel. You have an amazing mastered YouTube analytics. Here’s your next goal of making money from your YouTube channel.

With YouTube’s monetization features, And since creating a YouTube channel is simpler than you think, it costs nothing to think big and look for big goals.

If you want to know how to make money through YouTube, Here I will help you turn YouTube into more money, let’s get it started.

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Earn through advertising to overlay your videos, display, and then the video ads. Image ads will appear on the right side of the video and above the recommendation list on the right, while overlay ads will appear on the transparent banner at 20% below the video. Video ads are probably the most well-known (and controversial) format because they appear before or during videos and can be a little annoying to viewers.

There are two forms of video advertising: avoidable and unavoidable. Avoidable video ads, allowing viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds if they choose. They will be inserted before, during, or after the main video, but inevitably video ads should be seen before the video. Through these ad sites, YouTubers get a percentage based on views, clicks, and more.


Channel Memberships allow visitors to join your channel through regular monthly payments, as well as exclusive membership benefits for badges, emojis, and more (which works like a little twist).

Merchandise Showcase:

YouTube allows you to sell official branded products, YouTubers make money. The Product Library will display up to 12 products to your visitors, you can change the order in which they view by leaving the default or you (YouTuber) can display 12 specific items and sort them to your liking.

Super stickers and Super chat:

Youtube shorts videos are a newly introduced feature and it was announced by Youtube that people will get paid from these shorts, which makes people curiosity.

If you’ve ever joined Livestream on YouTube, you may have noticed that some messages are highlighted on others.

This is because YouTube allows creators to Super Chat on their premieres and live videos. This monetization feature allows visitors to pay between $ 1 and $ 500 to highlight their message in a live stream chat.

Similarly, Super Stickers are used to highlight messages.

Many users prefer those funny stickers rather than highlighting their chat messages. These stickers are usually attached to the top of the chat and catch the creator’s eye.

Last but not least – the Super Thanks feature allows users to compliment creators. For a small fee, users can receive their comments on live stream chat. Unlike Super Chats and Super Stickers, Super Thanks can be purchased on any uploaded video, except for premieres and live streams.

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Join a membership or Affiliation process:

An affiliate is an organization that allows you to make money through the code or affiliation provided in exchange for promoting a brand’s products or services.

The more people who use that code or link, the more percentage they get for each sale and they will pay you more (the percentage you take depends on each brand, or it may be a fixed price for a sale).

That is why when talking about a tool, product, information product, or service, it is very common to see the link with UTM codes (or in short, to make it beautiful or easy to remember).

If you want to support a creator who works with an affiliate, this is a great way to help them, because if you are going to buy or rent something, you know that a percentage of the amount you pay will go to your helper. anyway, with this I will end here, thanks for reading the article. thank you bye-bye!

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