How to start your own SaaS startup without experience in 2021

About SaaS:

SaaS startup stands for software as a service to make things simple for you explain it with an example:

Netflix, Ahrefs, the popular Search engine optimization service like SEMrush, and so on a lot of SaaS websites or a SaaS business or as service is a website where you can subscribe to it you will pay a monthly fee to that website and to get a service like Netflix, Amazon are we have to pay like $10 per month to watch movies.

In Ahrefs and SEMrush we have to pay a monthly fee to use that search engine optimization tools,

In Canva we have to pay a monthly fee to use these amazing pro designs so, these websites are all Software as a Service (SaaS).

In easy to understand the SaaS website is an easier website where people will pay you a monthly fee and you will provide them as a service.  

SaaS is another type that is Micro SaaS

It is also a SaaS business but provided that you will get paid in a recruiting Manner like if you are a WordPress Plugin, developers know that they have a lot of plugins in that single WordPress Website that you can plugin to build a web page.

So Micro SaaS is a plug-in inside WordPress or other websites creation platforms known as micro SaaS.

For better understanding:

A person can be used to develop plugin themes for small services that are used in a popular website are a popular services like WordPress, Shopify, and so on…

Guy, Do you know how SaaS works? What is the power of a SaaS business?

Most people didn’t know the power of passive income that we can see in SaaS. 


When someone subscribes to Netflix, usually customers have to pay every month so when you promote your service to someone through advertisement, it’s automatically the subscriber will be multiple for next month especially if they like the service, Subscription will increase automatically.

So In SaaS, if you are promoting once and then this customer will be in a passive manner so you will get passive income every single month and this is the main advantage of the main power of passive income and yes business you built the SaaS business you promote it whenever you get customers you will get a recurring passive income without doing anything you will work ok only on getting more and more customers and not getting the same customers again and again. 

In a very simple way of definition of SaaS:

  1. Promote your SaaS business
  2. Earn passively every month without doing anything.
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How to build a SaaS startup business model:

Yeah, I know you are eagerly waiting so, below I give you 3 simple methods to build a SaaS business efficiently,

  1. Develop on the website:

If you are a developer you can build on websites like,

The first method is to develop your website and yes, I know not everyone is a developer, not everyone can develop applications, even if you or a developer need the time and effort to develop such an application.

  1. Hire someone to develop a website:

There are a lot of platforms to hire a web developer like,, and you can search for a developer who can develop a SaaS service for you if you have a special unique idea that is up to your opinion.

  1. Get a ready-made script for creating your website:

This method is the very simplest method to create your website in that you can buy it and host it and start promoting. 

It is one of the easiest methods to start a SaaS business, click here to view a lot of applications that you want to build your website or buy.

How to Build own SaaS start up business with in 10 minutes:

First of all you if you need to create your own SaaS business you need to do some simple steps:

  1. Create a suitable SaaS PHP script (website),
  1. Create a suitable domain name for your SaaS business,
  1. Set-up SaaS script,
  1. Domain name mapping(1Connect your domain name with IP address),
  1. Upload your SaaS PHP script,

Here below I give you 3 step to create a SaaS PHP script:

Step 1: Go to Envato market official website -> code -> PHP scripts.

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Step 2: In the searchq button, search SaaS and enter(then it give you a bunch of SaaS that you can buy).

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Step 3: Now you have a different types of SaaS that you can purchase and put it up on your own hosting and sell these plans. And now you can choose any one you like.

Step 4: If you need to preview the PHP script you can click preview button on the PHP script. And after completing your preview, if you need to buy that script, you can click “add to cart” button. 

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Step 5: Selecting a license, and select support duration for your conformable.


By selecting a licence, there are two types of licence, one is regular and another one is extended licence.

  • Regular licence 

By using this regular licence, In a single end product that is not charged to the end user by you or a customer, the wholesale amount includes the product price and the buyer fee.

  • Extended licence

By using this extended licence, In a single end product that is charged to the end user by you or a customer, the wholesale amount includes the product price and the buyer fee.

So finally you can choose any licence for your PHP script through “add to card” or by clicking the buy ”now” button.

How to get and buy domain name in hostinger:

First of all you need to open Hostinger account by click here,

Here you can see some the tools that are displayed in hostinger dashboard:

Domain name choosing:

Step 1: go to domain click get started button ->  search for domain name for which is more suitable for your SaaS business,

Step 2: Find out which domain is fit and available for your business then choose it by clicking the “Add to cart” button.

Step 3: Choose your suitable plans like, Single or premium or Business web hosting, then click “add to Cart” and buy your domain name.

Setup SaaS scripts:

Step 1: Sign-up -> snapshots -> click “+”(Plus button) -> Deploy new server.

Step 2: Then select cloud computing, select the region, 

Step 3: Then in server type select LAMP on Ubuntu,

Step 4: Then select the favorite server size that which you want and your comfortable amount,

Step 5: Then select server hostname & Label(which is our SaaS business domain name like and click the “deploy now” button.

And then the couple of times you will get the server ready, you can see from “Instances” dashboard form same,

Ok now you have Domain name and VPS server but it’s not in merge so, now you need to merge your domain name into your VPS server this is known as domain mapping or domain name mapping, so let’s get to how to mapping your domain name.

Domain name mapping:

On the same insurances page, you can get your IP Address,

Hey guys, did you know what is meant by IP address? 

It’s an unique identifier of your server, the IP address of your server. Go to domain -> manage. You have to copy that.

Note: whatever platform you have created your SaaS scripts like hostinger, GoDaddy, bluehost and so on, don’t worry about how you copy your server IP address, for all websites,  only the same process or Steps to copy IP address.

Step 1: Go to your account, click manage beside your domain (if you are using any other different server the same concept by the way in this blog).

Step 2: Click on advanced DNS settings and then select “add new record”, and in the host button you have to mention the “@” symbol (which means pointing to your domain), then in the IP address you can paste your domain’s IP address and finally click the save button. 

Okay now is the time to upload your script files to your server.

Upload SaaS PHP script:

Step 1: open “WinSCP“( application, it is a free application, it is used to upload your PHP script,(Kindly download the Application by Click here and use it),

Step 2: open the WinSCP,

  • Host name – enter your domain IP address
  • Username – enter “root”
  • Password – Go to domain details copy and past here the password
  • And finally login.

Step 3: Now your Inside your server PHP script folder, upload your PHP script in a zip file.

Step 4: Now you need to extract files on the server, Go to “PuTTY” ( application, it is a free application, which is used to connect any server or any linux server and manage it, Okay now you need to install it by clicking here. And open it then enter the domain IP address in the hostname box and click the open button.

Step 5: Enter “root” and password, password is from server details, you can copy it and paste here and enter it.

Step 6: Type “clear” enter it, then type “apt install unzip” enter it, wait a few seconds for completing and enter again “clear” enter it. 

Step 7: Type “cd / var / html ” enter it and then Type  “ls” enter it and here display some one file name then type “unzip that file” and enter now the file will be unzip.

Now finally your script is now hosted in online.


How we can get clients:

This is the main topic in this blog, and also this is your main goal for how you can market your services and how you can get your first client and then scale up to get your first 50 clients than 100 clients and 1000 clients and so on.

Here below I will tell some most important points for achieving in SaaS business like gaining more clients for your SaaS, How to Build best SaaS, best tips and tricks for SaaS business.

Let me tell you now the simplest and best strategy for Your SaaS business:

Before going to strategy, I will tell you the best SaaS business ideas to achieve in 2021-2022.

To Survey most Premium Marketing platforms or most developed SaaS platforms(SaaS) are in a quest for businesses,

Before starting a SaaS business they all find the best Niche for their SaaS business then they will Work on it. 

So my opinion is to choose the best niche for your SaaS business.

Here below I will give you some of the best niche business ideas for your SaaS business:

  • Restaurant Finder and Tracker 
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Recipe Storage App
  • Transportation Route Finder
  • Class Schedule Management
  • KPI Tracker(key performance indicators)
  • Social Media Post Manager
  • Dating Site 
  • CRM
  • Healthcare Management App
  • Pricing Model Development
  • Content Planner
  • Fitness Programs
  •  Event Management
  • Invoicing Application For Entrepreneurs
  • SEO Manager and so on…

1. Marketing automation software

Starting a Software as a service (SaaS) company in our marketing industry is an amazing option.

Nowadays, 80% of SaaS companies are using this Marketing automation software.

Marketing automation fame is a fantastic sky-rocketing strategy in the SaaS business.

By automating regular tasks such as e-mail campaigns or social media management, companies allow their employees to work in very hard duties and work in important matters. 

Most of the marketing automation software illustrations like Hubspot, Basecamp, mobilemonkey, and so on. which draw nearly 30,000+ customers every year.

So my opinion is to use marketing automation software for your Software as a service business.

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2. Team collaboration

In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, most SaaS businesses were going to very less profit but which SaaS business will have the best team and team cooperation(Team collaboration) became a lot of profit-making a great Niche for his SaaS start-up business.  

The collaboration software aims to make communication between the SaaS team members easier by giving a better, convenient, Direct Message to one person to person while maintaining informal space. Also share some relevant content and the simplest to say It will do task management for your SaaS business. So, team collaboration is Also essential for your new SaaS business.

3. Content planning

The main asset of marketing strategy is only your content. 

However, due to the need for time and thought for content planning, most institutions require specific tools to increase Choose proper for companies. 

There are several solutions to help creation, analysis, content planning, implementation for your SaaS business’s Content Plan.

By using specific tools for your software as a service(SaaS) like optimization, content research, & most think delivery to customers, this is an essential process, it will boost up your SaaS business so, choose perfect content for your business.

4. Video/image creation and editing:

In the SaaS business, everyone needs to explore the uniqueness of your business so, the only way to explore your business details is through video to every Customer.  

Canva is an excellent software for the smart idea of service is to create your video creation and editing.

Both graphic designers and video editors will use this software to start their journey in video rendering. 

The fact that the video content is significantly increasing organic traffic and everyone knows that many companies use this to improve their online presence so don’t hesitate, start making video/image editing and creation through this Canva software.

SaaSs Startup Business Plan

  1. Create a solution to a problem

Find the core of your product and make it a solution to a specific problem.

For better understanding:

There are a lot of social media management systems that work with 4 or 5 or even more social media sites, but your task is to create an advanced site that includes each and everything a manager needs to work with a site and also it will be a perfect fit for our current situation and current trends and technology.

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2. Market research

To solve a problem you need to conduct a business target market research, Overview, and competitive analysis, and the most essential point is not everyone is your customer so, choose who is fit for your SaaS business.

Here below I give you some tips to make market research:

  • First, you need to Identify and Defining the Problems,
  • Do Statement for you Research-based Objectives,
  • Collect and analyze all data and
  • Finally, plan according to data(who is fit for your SaaS business and target that customers).

3. Validation for your SaaS business:

In this validation process, before you go to the next step, as a SaaS businessman, you need to spend a lot of time exploring if your software as a service (SaaS) business ideas have the potential to become a great business or successful business in future.

So I give you some tips to know your SaaS business is good or bad by having a great conversation with your customers like,

  • By doing Phone calls to customers,
  • The face-to-face meeting with customers,
  • Email to customers and so on.

Try to understand whether they are interested or curious or prospect ready to buy purchase or Subscribe to your service.

4. Choose the price model:

Here, You need to know what are the appropriate price techniques for SaaS business? 

Free with built-in-advertisement always attract more new customers to your SaaS business, in you should avoid the excessive use of the built-in advertisement because it is considered to be more harmful to the customer/user experience. 

You can offer package tools like a monthly or an annual fee in a flat-rate pricing model and also you can add a free test period/free trial for customers.

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5. Creating a brand for your Software as a service (SaaS) business and create a marketing strategy:

The brand means a lot because today most people are not only buying simple items/products, the products are their feeling, status, sentiments, emotions, and so on,

So as a SaaS businessman, you need to know that your products will make Customers feel good and also you know your product well in their self-esteem.

6. Selecting the great Development Committee and approach and launch perfect MVP:

As I already said, one of the great ways for developing your SaaS (Software as a service) business is one of the best ways to create its software. 

Find a well-experienced developer to develop your SaaS with less amount and less time for completing your project.


You can find experienced Developers in the Internshala application, LinkedIn, and so on the job portal, which you can find with use for multiple filters.

After completing your SaaS Software then you can launch it with Minimum Viable Product(MVP).

MVP has great features to attract the initial adopters and they can verify your products that it has enough features to validate the idea at the beginning. 

Creating a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) will help you to get more feedback from users in the initial stage and it will make more product improvements for your SaaS business.


Software as a service(SaaS) is a type of cloud computing, a software deployment model With the help of Software as a service business,

By starting SaaS to enhance your capabilities through Reducing time, Lower costs, perform proofs-of-concept, Scalability, integration, easily update your services, Easy to use, potential security, and so on

Therefore, SaaS can help businessmen’s valuable time and resources while helping them focus more on their core business.

One of the recent surveys says, SaaS is one of the largest market segments in Cloud services in the whole world and the survey says that in 2022, SaaS (Software as a service) is expected to grow to $150 billion. So, guys don’t wait to start your own SaaS business. And if you want to know more About digital marketing, affiliate marketing, E-commerce, and so on don’t hesitate to visit our latest amazing Blog. Thanks for reading this blog guy, thank you bye bye!.

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