How to Start a YouTube Channel For Beginners [2021]

An image worth a thousand words, so what do you think about a video? Today you'll learn about how to start a YouTube channel for beginners.
How to Start a YouTube Channel For Beginners

An image worth a thousand words, so what do you think about a video? Today you’ll learn about how to start a youtube channel for beginners. 

According to these statistics, Youtube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users.

Current statistical studies reveal that YouTube has over 5 Billion Downloads. 

This Application is considered the most reliable and popular video platform on the internet. According to Alexa, 16.6% of the total traffic comes from the USA and 9.3% from India.

Its exponential growth can be estimated by the number of active users per month i.e; TWO BILLION. YouTube awards millions of views, likes, comments, and subscribers to people on a daily basis. Also, it helps all kinds of businesses advertise their services to expand their outreach.

Everyone loves watching attention-grabbing videos and useful tutorials as per their temperament. Youtube channels have become a trend in the modern era as every brand owns one.

People share content and enjoy the financial revenue that their content generates with the number of likes, views, and subscribers they get on their videos.

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On Youtube, there is Something for Everyone.

If you are inspired by the merits of Youtube, you must be looking towards creating a youtube channel of your own. It will enable you to share your content with a huge audience that will luckily turn you into a celebrity in a flash. 

For this purpose, you need to start your journey on Youtube with the use of the right strategy. This article helps you develop your YouTube channel from scratch, from making videos to monetizing them and earning money.

There is nothing fancy, nothing complex. This write-up addresses all your basic and genuine queries regarding how to start a Youtube channel. By the end of this guide, you will be able to successfully take the initiative. 

Don’t miss hunting the amazing bonus tips included in the notes to help you throughout the journey. Stay tuned!

Things to Consider before Starting a Youtube Channel

Before coming to the core, let us instruct you about some essentials that you will need before starting the Successful Youtuber journey. 

First of all, you are supposed to do some homework. It is also important to maintain the decorum of the platform you are working on. When you join the Youtube community, you will know the INs and OUTs quite well. Take into account the fact that your work should be in accordance with the very rules and policies designed by YouTube. The next thing to consider is, getting over the procrastination – just do it. 

Realize that this is the right time to face the world, develop your skills, and fly higher. As far as you are enjoying the brilliant process of content creation and sharing, you have got this.  

It must undergo the entire process of thorough research before creating a YouTube channel. Certain factors play an important part; we will provide a comprehensive overview of all such elements.

Who is your Targeted audience? 

Research studies indicate that YouTube is getting the highest traffic from the USA and India. You have to learn about your targeted audience. What are their interests? What type of content they will prefer to watch and all!

Find your Niche 

Niche basically refers to the industry in which you are going to find your scope. The selection of an appropriate and desirable niche is the most fundamental step in your YouTube career. It takes your knowledge and interest – what type of content you can produce on a professional level! 

Keep in mind that outdated ideas that no one likes to watch today should not be chosen as they may waste your time and energy.

If you are passionate about pets and have basic knowledge about them, you can make a channel on the Pets niche. If you are good with cooking, you can make a cooking channel. Artists will go create an Arts and Crafts channel. 

Likewise, as a good student, you may have the expertise to deliver your subject matter to others. This is how it works, and this is how you are required to carry it. 

You can also follow Google trends to see what people are searching for. We recommend you to go for a micro niche with less competition because that will help you rank faster. Now that you have decided your niche or purpose of your Channel let us say Gaming. You are supposed to create and upload dedicated videos on Gaming. Random videos will leave your Channel good for nothing as a jack of all trades is a master of none. 

Content must be high quality, engaging and informative – worth the time of Youtube users. Remember that people love to watch relatable content; they click it and watch it till the end, thus hitting your Watch Time goals.

Develop a Strategy by Planning your Content

If you have a batch of videos prepared already – an excellent start. Now you can schedule the time and frequency of uploading a video. This will make things consistent, smooth, and periodic.

Must-Have Equipment to Start a YouTube Channel

Basically, you just need an android device – preferably a PC along with a stable internet connection to start off. The sweeter, the better- to make the process more professional and luxury-grade, you will need to make a few purchases. 



When it comes to shooting a YouTube video, the main accessory is the camera. Its quality directly affects your video’s quality; therefore, it is important to grab a good one. In this regard, Canon EOS 1500D is considered an ideal choice.


blue yeti black

For optimized sound quality, USB Microphone is given utmost importance. You can catch more audience with improved sound effects and clear voice notes. There are many useful microphones available in the market; however, Blue Yeti USB Mic is considered an outstanding choice.


HP Omen 10th Gen

YouTube content is all about high-profile video shooting and editing work, which is impossible without a fine-quality laptop. For this purpose, you ought to have a great operating system to manage things professionally. HP Omen 10th Gen is a considerable choice in this respect.


digitak-dtr-550 tripod

Let us take the example of a tripod; this helps you balance the camera. If you are looking for a few suggestions, then this product DIGITEK® DTR 550 Tripod may help you.

Light Stand

Light Stand is a crucial photography tool widely used for high-grade shooting purposes. It plays a main role in providing lighting backing for the specimen that is to be illuminated. In this regard, give a try to this Light stand.


Boya BYM1 Mic

The majority of YouTube content creators use premium quality microphones while podcasting and streaming. No matter what you are recording – tutorials, music, and voiceovers-a good microphone must convey your message to the audience clearly.

 How to use a microphone is a question that may arise in your mind. Well! This is quite simple. Just take it closer, get rid of excess noise, record your script in a clear tone, and here you go. Try this Boya BY-M1 Mic and start your YouTube journey with confidence.

How to Start a YouTube Channel For Beginners

This thread answers your most critical question – What is the exact pathway I am supposed to follow to create my Channel on YouTube? There are a few simple and quick steps with which you can get started. 

  • Sign in to the YouTube app on your PC or mobile.
  • Go to YouTube Settings of your account.
  • A prompt will appear that will ask you to create a Channel.
  • Choose your channel name (Personal or Business)
  • Provide the necessary details, i.e., Profile photo and Name.
  • Your Channel will be created successfully.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to achieve more traffic and a higher audience retention rate, you need to Optimize your content. For this purpose, you need to have the basic know-how of Keywords – Primary keywords, secondary keywords, long tail, short tail keywords, etc. Find the right keywords and add them to your title, meta description, and tags to rapidly grow your Channel.

Bonus Tip: Try using catchy and relevant thumbnails to get more clicks. The video must be true to its title, so the followers don’t bounce back. Announce giveaways and other promotions for better marketing of your content.

Competitor analysis is an important tip that helps you produce high-quality content that is up to the mark and satisfies your audience as well. You have to simply visit the Youtube channels of your competitors, working in the same niche. After this, analyze their activity, the tips and tricks they are using, and try to get ideas regarding how to produce the finest quality content. Never try to copy their content; just develop an idea and come up with something incredible. Let’s know more about youtube channel for beginners.

Moreover, User Intent is of great significance in this regard. If you can satisfy your followers’ needs, they will continue to follow and appreciate your content. These factors maximize the chances of your YouTube channel’s ranking in the Internet market. 

Monetization of YouTube Channel for Beginners

Monetization of YouTube Channel

Last but not least, making money online is like a dream come true for YouTubers. Apart from the entertainment, you get a chance to earn money. There is no rocket science behind this; you just have to meet a few criteria designed by YouTube. These are provided below:

  • 1000 subscribers on the Channel
  • 4000 hours of Watch Time over the time span of the last 1 year
  • You follow all the guidelines & policies of YouTube.
  • You have Adsense approval. 


We hope all the prerequisites have been covered effectively. Now it is your turn to make a Start, Rise, and Shine. Happy Content Creation!

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