How to Switch Microsoft Word 2022 to Dark Mode

It’s no secret that most people prefer to work on a bright, white background. That being said, some have trouble working in the harsh light of day. Switching Microsoft Word to dark mode is one way these individuals can get their office environment just right for them.

This blog post will provide you with step-by-step instructions on switching your word processor over so it matches the rest of your desktop screensaver or what you have perfectly!

Switch Microsoft Word to Dark Mode

People who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen know how bad strain can be. Some symptoms are irritation, headaches, and tiredness. Programs are looking for ways to make this problem better.

Let’s see how Microsoft Word handles this. If we find a better way, we can change it in the future.

When you are using your mobile phone, the screen is sometimes dark. But now, some apps will show lighter text on a dark background, so it is easier to see.

This setup makes it easier to view a screen when it is dark, which reduces eye strain.

Microsoft Word is a program that many people use to create documents. You may have already worked on it a lot. The problem is that the screen can be hard to see if you have been working on the computer for a long time. There is an option called dark mode to fix this, which makes it easier for people to work on it.

How to Create the Perfect Office Theme in Half an Hour

Once you open Word, look at the File tab. Then find Options under the General tab. Next, click on Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office and change the color to black.

On the File screen, go to Options. Then go to the General tab in Microsoft Word. Under Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office, you can change the theme to black if you want.

It is easy to see why someone might think that the background would be dark and the text light. But this is not true.

Instead, you can do something like this:

The company’s office design is different than Microsoft Word. It turns out that changing the color scheme in the office makes words on a document more visible, but it does not work for Microsoft Word.

Naturally, the colors of the document will change when you work. 

The background and font color will look different than what they are.

It is easy to make your paperwork more legible in a dark room without having to print them. All you have to do is change the colors of your screen on the computer and use a light color and not too much text.

How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Word’s Dark Mode

Select the Design tab and Page Color from the drop-down menu in Microsoft Word’s tool ribbon. If you can’t find it, use the Magnifying Glass at the top right of Word to search for Page Color.

When you change the color at the Advanced Color Settings menu, choose a dark color.

To change your color to white, go back to the Page Color menu and pick the white box. This will only affect this document and not any other ones. When people open the document, they will see a black background because it was shared with them.

Preview Before You Print

Some people do not like black and white. But they use less ink than color. Older Microsoft Word versions might not work well. But printing has gotten cheaper since then, so you should be careful about your company’s print expenses.

To print a document, you just need to do what you normally would. If you’re more comfortable doing things the way they always have been, then go back and change your colors. Of course, before printing a document, make sure that you look at it first because it might save on toner.

If your text is white and you want it to be black, make sure to change the background color from black to white. Go to Page Color and change it there. Make sure Print Background Colors and Images are unchecked before clicking OK.

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