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Optimizing your website for SEO. In 2021 website owners are gearing up to make their website unique and tailored to user's needs.

Optimizing your website for SEO. In 2021 website owners are gearing up to make their website unique and tailored to user’s needs. That’s because firms and organizations are moving their products online to reach consumers amid the pandemic.

According to statics, there are 1.83 billion websites on the internet as of January 2021. Additionally, there are over 4.7 billion internet users, and the number is expected to grow. Hence, your website needs to be ranked the best to attract the masses.

That said, did you know an average internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online? This shows how people value their time online. Hence your site needs to be one of their stops to earn more revenue and increase traffic. In this article, we’ll analyze how you can optimize your site for SEO.

What is SEO Optimization?

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Before we get to talk about your website optimization, you need to understand what SEO optimization means. Well, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website traffic via search results. This makes your site discoverable among the billions of websites on the internet. But to make your site discoverable, you need to use link-building, marketing, images, and social media.

On the other hand, you could opt to pay for your website to be ranked on top. But if parting with cash is a bit of a problem, you could opt to seek an organic meta title and meta description for the site to be ranked on top. That means you won’t have to spend a penny for the site ranked on top in Google search. Instead, it will be slightly lower than the paid results on the internet.

Moreover, Google uses white hat techniques to update its algorithms. This guarantees web owners uphold good SEO practices; hence consumers can retrieve information faster with minimal effort.

Why you need SEO

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Having an optimized page is an essential part of your website. Moreover, if you use a strong site architecture with clear-cut navigation tools, your site becomes discoverable. Besides, the features included offers users an exceptional experience. This increases traffic to your site.

Additionally, the number of visitors clicking into your site determines the revenue you’ll have at the end of the day. Hence you need SEO optimization of images and articles to present the needed content to the users. The study even shows 64 % of web traffic comes from organic results, unlike 6% from paid search. That’s not all; the organic content traffic is even higher than social media, direct, and referring sources.

For this reason, you need to have strong and robust Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on Google. This guarantees your site attains 67.60% from overall clicks and even 3.73% from six to ten accounts. That enables your site to be ranked in the top five of search results.

Optimizing Guide

Here are some SEO optimization tips to help with ranking your website on top of search engines.

  1. Analyzing website data
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Analyzing the traffic in and out of your site is essential to be ranked top in Google search. Hence, evaluating user’s behaviors helps to know if your content is tailored to their needs or not. For this reason, there is a Call To Action (CTA) for every post on your website, allowing users to leave comments and thoughts about the topic in discussion. If there are low traffic and no comments, this might not be a problem.

Google Search Console (GSC), you can get the traffic data, which gives a clear picture of your website’s traffic. Therefore, if you realize there is high traffic to the site and Few to No comments, then that is a problem.

Thus you need to change and finds an interesting topic that touches on your user’s daily life. With the console, you can identify the traffic pattern and see where to tweak it. The console also tracks metrics like bounce rate, number of sessions, and number of unique sessions. This paints a vivid picture of users visiting your site.

  1. Keyword research
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A thorough keyword search is needed before writing any content on your site. In the past, one would come up with their keywords and craft an article around the words. The surprising thing is the post would still be relevant on the internet. However, times have changed, and a keyword is the backbone of article writing.

That’s why there are keyword research tools such as Ubersuggest, Semrush, Hubspot, Google keyword search, among others. Instead of crafting the words from your head, these tools give you phrases and keywords that users search for over the internet. The words are related to the topic of discussion, which improved your article visibility. Plus, ensure you have the main keywords and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords to make your article appealing and interesting to the users. The LSI keywords are alternative word which enriches the main topic attracting high traffic into your website.

  1. Optimize for on-page SEO and off-page SEO
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On-page SEO optimization refers to tools given by the Webhosting provider when building your site. The tools include headlines, subheadings, meta tags, and URL slugs. For an instant, when creating content for your site, use the primary keyword in the headline. This should be at the beginning of the article to capture the attention of the user. Also, the keyword should appear once on the subheading and in the slug.

Always remember, the keywords shouldn’t be over stuff in the body since that would make the article boring. Use the keywords sprinkle the keyword and LSI words spearing throughout the content.

Besides the on-page SEO, there is Off-page SEO which entails optimizing your site using external means. This includes using social media product influencers, brand mentions, affiliate marketing, among others. One of the best ways to promote your site is using links from big authoritative sites. That helps promote your site and attract high traffic, which increases your revenue. Therefore, don’t get links from low authority sites.

  1. Site speed and quality backlinks
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Speed vital for any website owner who wants their site to be ranked on top. If a user logs into your site and finds the web pages take forever to load, they’ll move to another site. That is regardless of the content you have on your site. Therefore, we recommend using Google’s PageSpeed Insights to help in making your site faster.

At the same time, quality backlinks are a primary factor in climbing up the ranks on google search. When you’ve such links on your site, Google interprets it as being credible. However, getting quality backlinks takes a lot of effort.

For this reason, we recommend contacting other bloggers and influencers in your niche. Provide them with a piece of your blog post or article and point out a page on your site where you’ve shared their content.

  1. Optimizing the site for mobile
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There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world today, and most people use their phones to access websites. That shows if your site is not optimized for mobile users, you will be missing out on a wider market.

To ensure your site is mobile-optimized, use the Mobile-First Index from Google. Google has introduced the feature to help web owners make their site mobile-friendly. Hence you won’t have to add extra coding to make the site mobile-friendly.

Optimizing SEO Free Tools

Increasing traffic to your website needs SEO optimization tools. The tools help your site to be ranked on top in the search results. However, the optimization tools are not cheap since you have to part with $100 or more per month to have the tools added to your site.

That said, did you know there are free SEO tools that offer the same services. In this section, we will look at the best free SEO optimization software you can use.

A. Yoast SEO Plugin

What is SEO optimization

WordPress has made things easier for the website to understand what SEO all about. The Yoast SEO WordPress plugins make it easier for one to customize their content. The tools help one provide meta decryption and meta title, which are essential to a blog post.

The plugins also check for grammatical and sentence structure to ensure the connect has a higher readability score. Yoast SEO plugins are one of the most used in WordPress. You can download and install the plugins for free.

However, the plugins don’t come with a premium version, but most web owners and bloggers use the free version to optimize their pages.

B. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

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No matter how great your content is, the blog’s title is what catches the user’s eyes. This is something every blogger agrees with. Nonetheless, we understand coming up with an optimized meta title can be a bit challenging. This is why we recommend using the SEOPressor Blog Generator.

A Generator is a great tool for finding the best keyword title for your post. All it requires is visiting the site and key in a few keywords you would want to use. The tool will then give you various options to select from. Moreover, the site is free, and to access the various tools and features it has, you’ll need to have an account setup.

C. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

We must agree Google is the most powerful tool on the internet. Besides deciding what content ranks on top of search results, it also determines what should appear on the front page. For this reason, the site has provided web owners with vital tools to track traffic to their site.

The Google Analytics tools help one to know the number of visitors on their site. You can monitor user’s engagement, search data, among others. This gives them a chance to know if their posts are relevant to the masses or not. If the content provided doesn’t meet the users’ needs, one can change it on time and maintain high traffic. Plus, the stats tracking performance is free to use.

D. Zutrix SERP Checker

Zutrix SERP Checker

The Zutrix SERP Checker doesn’t require one to have a use a credit card to access their services. The checker is the most preferred among bloggers since it offers thousands of keywords and searches phrases for a site. The checker monitors the two to see how they behavior daily. This helps you to come up with keywords or phrases that are current and trendy.

Nonetheless, it is important to note Zutrix offers a maximum of 10 keyword searches daily. Therefore, you need to be smart when searching for phrases. Moreover, having an account gives you access to the keyword lab and real-time notifications. The tool has a tracking and monitors rankings feature, which is active daily. That helps in the optimization of your website to capture the attention of the user. This, in turn, helps with increasing your rankings on Google search.

Take Away

SEO optimization is the key feature that determines the success of your website. More so, if you are monetizing your website. Using optimization tools to increase traffic increase revenue. This is why we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to optimize your site. The guide ensures your site is ranked on top of search results. Therefore, take time to learn what SEO is all before opening a website.

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