How to make money with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Choosing the best affiliate network these days might be challenging because each affiliate network has differing requirements. In this blog, we will cover the Clickbank affiliate marketing network in very deep detail, so that after reading this blog you do not doubt Clickbank affiliate marketing.

The content of the blog focuses on How to apply for the Clickbank affiliate network, How to get approved, How to choose a niche, How to choose the proper product, How to promote affiliate products, and How to generate revenue.

Therefore, you have an in-depth understanding of this affiliate network, so let’s get started.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank affiliate marketing

Clickbank is an affiliate network that allows you to find over 5000 products in your niche (Health and Fitness, Bizopp, Investment, Relationship, Financial Planning, etc.). There are over 200 million trusted customers on Clickbank, so there’s no reason not to join. Here’s a great opportunity for you to add a new passive income source to your list.

Why Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is Better than other Affiliate Network?

Trust me folks, yet this is my insight; that Clickbank is the best site, to begin your vocation as a fledgeling affiliate marketer because Numerous different sites in this field ask you numerous conventions(Formalities/Details)

So you should begin at first from Clickbank. Another gainful component that makes it a top choice among amateur promotors are that it is around the world, and any individual, living in any piece of the world, can undoubtedly pursue a record on Clickbank.

It has likewise a straightforward UI, which any beginner can undoubtedly use, without any information on coding or programming. Then, it has a huge number of items from pretty much every speciality to browse, Another helpful component of this site is that it has the most elevated place of commission, which begins from half to 95%.

You heard right! 

There are numerous sites on Clickbank that can pay you around 75%-95% in commissions for a solitary deal. So! That would imply that you are simply selling your item, without stressing over how to make it.

At last, every one of the items on this site is advanced items, similar to virtual products, eBooks, introductions, and so on thus, you can liberate yourself from the issues of transportation.

The steps to becoming a Clickbank affiliate 

The steps to becoming a Clickbank affiliate skill junkie

This is the first interface that appears of Clickbank when you enter their website.

Ckickbank signup form skill junkie

So the first thing we have to do is signup for the Clickbank affiliate program Fill in all detail carefully it takes only a couple of minutes. After you signup, you see a new interface where you have to set your profile.

Clickbank first dashboard

After completing your profile you need to wait a couple of days to get approval from Clickbank. They need an approval period of 1 week for Clickbank affiliates because of the high number of affiliate emails they receive.

Clickbank approved dashboard

Once your application has been approved, your new interface will appear and look like this. Now your affiliate journey has begun.

Now you are eligible to promote the ClickBank affiliate product. You need to choose the best product related to your niche and generate their affiliate link or Hoplink, then promote them on different platforms. 

In this dashboard you see there are many new options will appear and these all option will help you in affiliate marketing

How to use the Clickbank dashboard?

With your Clickbank dashboard, you can generate your affiliate links, track your revenue, see your analytics, edit your profile, and add multiple users, so, in short, this is where all the magic happens.

For instance, imagine you are marketing some Clickbank products and running paid ads. It is your first responsibility to monitor your work and see what is working and what is not. You need to examine your sales summary, your conversion rate, and all this is possible from this dashboard.

How does the Clickbank Marketplace work?

Market Place is a place where you are starting your journey. Here you can find your niche as well as the best Clickbank product. You do not have to worry about it, I will guide you through every step of the way.


You will be taken to a new interface when you click on the marketplace link. From here you can choose a niche or the best products aligned with your niche. There are two options on this dashboard: Find Product and Category. Both options are helpful when evaluating products.

Why do we need to choose a niche for the click bank affiliate program?

Along these lines, you ought to have perceived why having an interest in your niche is important. The different investigates done in this field recommend that assuming you don’t have enthusiasm in your niche, it makes a ricochet back impact in your subconscious mind, which straightforwardly influences the purchasing conduct of

the guests of your site so that you need to choose your interesting based niche items in affiliate marketing.

How to select your Niche?

So, here I will teach you two methods to select your niche so If you have not selected your niche then after this you will definitely select your niche.

Method 1- See what you Like

So, actually, What does it mean. I know most of us don’t know their passion so this method is really helpful for them.

If you love to talk about diet, Skin, muscle, nutrition etc. so, you must have to go with Health and Fitness Niche. 

If you love to talk about self-help, relationship, dating etc. so, you must have to go with Self-Help Relationship Niche.

If you love to talk about Bizopp, investment, marketing etc. so, you must have to go with Business related Niche.

In short, this is the first method of picking your niche. It is really easy to do just look around and see what interests you, what do you want to know more about?

Method 2- See what you Passionate about

This method is very interesting if you love something to do or maybe you have a passion for any field or maybe you have some skill that you want to master like building Muscle, beauty, digital marketing etc. so it becomes very easy to choose your niche. 

You just have to follow your passion and find those products which are related to your niche and promote them.

How to Choose the Best Products for Your Clickbank Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing the best product in Clickbank is a little bit difficult process but I will also tell you some hidden strategies so you can find the best product for your niche.

Before choosing any product related to your niche your first work is to narrow down your research because there is a possibility to find more than 10000+ product related to your niche but you can’t promote any product. It doesn’t matter it is related to your niche.

For getting conversion we need to focus on microniche and for this, we have to narrow down our product research Let me give you an example suppose you select a niche Health and fitness.

Now, In health and fitness, there are thousands of categories of the product like Nutrition product, healthie recipe, gym guide/training, personal coach training, building muscle, weight gain etc.

But, you can’t target each of them so you have to narrow down and focus on one product and when you gain some expertise then you can sell multiple products at a time but as a beginner, my advice is to focus on microniche and promote 1 or 2 product at a time.

In choosing the best product need a gravity, Gravity is the pointer utilized in Clickbank to show the deals of a particular product. The higher the number of methods more individuals are selling it. Here are a few hints on picking the best products in ClickBank affiliate marketing:

➢ Avoid items with less than 20 Gravity – It implies that it is an extremely low competitive field and it’s difficult to market and sells

Pick items in the middle of the (20-100+) range.

➢ Pick an item that is not pricey or extremely modest. (Items around the $25-$80+ range appear to change over better compared to those of higher worth.)

➢ Find Products that truly help and are authentic. (Items that fill a need associate with individuals more and the more it relates the less you need to publicize.)

How to generate HopLink/Affiliate link of Clickbank product?

A HopLink/affiliate link is a link when the purchaser of your product makes a purchase from your affiliate link you receive a commission, so you must include your HopLink/affiliate link as part of the promotion of your product. 

In order to get paid by Clickbank, you must include your affiliate link/HopLink. Therefore, the Affiliate link/HopLink is mandatory.

Generate HopLink OR Affiliate link of Clickbank product

First Click on Promote Button and a new popup window will appear on your screen 

How to generate HopLink or Affiliate link of Clickbank product

Fill in your account nickname and click on Generate HopLink. sometimes your account nickname auto-filled but sometimes it doesn’t appear so, go to your dashboard and click on Accounts you get your nickname.

Now, you have an Affiliate link/HopLink or your product now you can use this link to promote that product.

While you advertise your click bank affiliate link in that where you might make mistakes:

If you have effectively given your hands a shot at how to bring in cash with Clickbank prior, as of now by advertising a few items through click bank or other affiliates marketing, at that point you would have understood that you are getting just traffic, yet no deals.

The regular motivation behind why your offshoot connections would not be getting sufficient deals, or no deals at all that mainly two points that:

➢ Possibly you are not interested in the speciality that you are marketing,

➢ You are not getting into the shoes of your site guests.

The webspace has changed by and large over a couple of years, thus as the strategies of all affiliate marketing. Presently, you need an accurate focus on sites.

To advertise your Click bank affiliate marketing products & links

For example, if you have made a site on “Paint,” you should make it more exact like “Dust, Water poof paints for your home” and makes it somewhat more exact, to get exceptionally focused on traffic. 

Thusly, you will get profoundly focused on traffic, so your odds of getting deals may increment. Recall that it is smarter to get just 6000+ customers for each month, who are almost certain to purchase your item, than getting 500,000+ customers.

Make sure the Clickbank product meets the needs of your audience before it is promoted.

Affilite link in clickbankMake sure the Clickbank product meets the needs of your audience before it is promoted.

It is always essential to have complete knowledge about any product before promoting it. In this picture you see two links, both are very useful, and I will explain them both and how you can benefit from them.

Link 1-This first link leads to your landing page when a visitor clicks on your link they land on that page, so by clicking on this link you can check. If your visitor clicks on your affiliate link/HopLink, they will arrive at the landing page.

Link 2-This second link is for the only affiliate when you click on this link you land on the affiliate page which is specially made for affiliates. on this page, you will get all information about that product and this page will help to collect information about that product.

Where to get Clickbank product swipes (Emails, Ads, Copywriting, Banners, etc.)

Make sure the Clickbank product meets the needs of your audience before it is promotedskilljunkie

To getting the swipe file of your Clickbank product you have to click on the second link mean affiliate link. When you click on the affiliate link you land on a new page and this is the place where you get all swipe files related to your product and on behalf of your these detail, you can send an email, run ads, write an amazing blog etc.

It’s important to ensure that a product’s swipe files are available before promoting it. Without the swipe files, promoting the product is difficult.

Top 3 ways to promote your product and make sell

Solo Ads: This is a paid method, so I’m not recommending it to everyone, however, there is a strong possibility of making sales with solo ads. You can watch a detailed video about Solo Ads.

Quora-One of the best ways to promote an affiliate product is through Quora and this is a free platform. This is the world’s largest question and answer platform. Simply find questions related to your niche and answer them. This is how you can pitch your affiliate product.


1. Minimum answer in one day 5-10

2. Don’t promote your affiliate link in every answer otherwise you will get banned by quora.

3. Make a space on quora where you share your thought.

Pinterest- This is a very interesting platform to generate traffic so you just have to design a pin from Canva and attach your link. when the visitor clicks on your link they will land on your website and it takes a couple of minutes with Canva so don’t make any excuse.

Final Verdict: 

Now finally, we believe that everybody can start making a case from click bank affiliate through online article/blog sites, and in this click bank affiliate marketing is a decent chance to bring in cash on the web. It’s easy to begin and doesn’t need any huge capital forthright. With the correct attitude and technique, you’ll have the option to make your first deals right away. Make the most of your offshoot venture and cheerful selling! Thanks for reading this blog! Thank you!!!

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