How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days

How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days:

There are two ways you can drive traffic to our website. One is free and another one is paid way! So In this blog, I will let you a complete process to get direct traffic to our website just within 15 days.

The first way is free. This includes search engine optimization, blogging, and social media marketing. 

The other way is paid. Everyone knows paid ads can drive traffic to a website, but they can also be expensive.

However, as much as you are organized, initially, you need to offer, that you will succeed in any of the modes of traffic or strategies. So, how do you track all your efforts to make sure you do everything you can to understand where your audience is coming from?

One of the most straightforward and basic ways is to use Google Analytics. I’m not just talking about setting up Google Analytics.

When coming to Google analytics there are Two fields are required:

  1. URL, and
  2. Campaign Source. 

Campaign proof can be email or any other source you use to place ads or drive traffic to cost per click.   

In this way, you can run your website traffic. 

How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days
How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days

There are two types of traffic:

  1. Organic  traffic methods
  2. Paid traffic methods

Organic traffic methods:

You do not even have to pay a dollar for the traffic that comes under this bucket. But you have to trade your time. And because time is more valuable than money, it can only be used once, and then it will go away forever, there is still a significant cost depending on your skill level.

Paid traffic methods:

Paying for ads and other endeavors is always a way to increase traffic to your site or blog. If you have a small budget and you keep track of things properly, you can come up with a cost per acquisition(CPA). If your CPA is high enough, you can conveniently measure your advertising revenue. You need to enable things like Facebook and Google tracking pixels to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

Anyway, within 15 days you can also get drive traffic to your websites:

Use Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to increase traffic your websites search engine rankings:

  • SEO is the most valuable and also most influential thing so the help of SEO can do to drive organic traffic to your Blogs or YouTube or website.
  • There are countless tricks you can use on every web page to increase its quality in search engines.
  • In the way, you need to make your service as complete optimal, high-quality content that your potential customers will be looking such as,
  • Use SEO ranking text in image,
  • Use proper meta tag with proper keywords,
  • Will the copy of your landing page be clear, which is more informative and better?
  • You should also see links to high-quality landing pages and external links with reputable sources. It helps SEO and gives the reader a better experience. 

Target some, long-tail tags in your SEO campaign:

  • High-ranking terms, second-line terms, and the late Semantic Index (LSI) regulations, all of the page’s SEO – to play an important role.
  • Once these are closed to one page, your long-tail should focus on the keywords. Long and specific tags or key phrases may receive less search traffic, but they have a higher conversion value so use targeted long tail tags in your SEO campaign.  

Do some important research keywords:

A keyword is a phrase that a person can enter in a search. It will often be 3-6 words.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner to learn more about what people include in searches.

When you enter a word, it offers suggestions for adding or changing the word you entered.

For better understanding: 

If I have included the keywords “wedding packages” and “wedding plan”.

Google ads came back with more than 1,200 keywords related to these.

Now, as a small business owner, you have to sift through those words and See what fits your target audience the most and fits your budget.

As a general rule, you need to look for keywords:

  • Have reasonable traffic. But be aware that there will be less traffic to the particular word. It’s okay until you get something. 
  • Low competition. Displaying your ad is easy and usually cheap. But going too cheap affects your quality score. Less competition means less fit. 
  • Find the balance then you can create an advertising campaign around it.

It’s okay to choose expensive words. You can set the maximum bid for that word.

When you get that quality score, your ad will be displayed without much price.

But realize that some words have to pay a high price.

If someone says the word that they are ready to buy now, it is worth paying the premium.

Always enter negative keywords.

Someone looking for “where to get a great steak” is probably not the same person looking for “great steak recipes”.

But if you choose “wide fit” instead of “perfect fit” you may appear in this search. Negative words prevent this.

You may want to add “recipe” as the negative keyword. Once your campaign is up and running you will see what searches you appear for.

Be sure to check it out to add more negative keywords.

How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days
How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days

High quality good educational content:

  • Information from the true meaning and value to the readers, authoritative content on your site, Google wants to see. Since there is no perfect magic formula for writing successful content, it is wise to change it from time to time. 
  • Create important headlines that will captivate readers.
  • Distinguish the length and shape of your content and measure well what works and what does not.
  • Photos, videos, and other visual elements of your content need to look very easily, they broke the content engages readers.
  • Keep your blog content more educated that Readers can sniff when sold. But if you provide valuable content, they are more likely to stick.

Use or  to promote your content:

  • Websites like and are great for promoting your website or blog, you have some sales funnel system and the ability to track people coming from these sites. 
  • These sites will promote your content for free on thousands of similar websites across the Internet.

Create your Google My Business list:

  • If you have not already, you need to create a Google My Business List. It is a more essential tool for your website’s local SEO. 
  • Google My Business lets you list your business in local search results for the product or service-based search queries. 
  • This list links to your website, which is a great way to increase drive traffic and business leads.

Get backlinks to your website:

  • A backlink is just simply a link to your website or blogs from another website or blogs.
  • Google gets these often and other reputable websites will increase traffic the confidence in your business if they see your Link Building Services Outer Box with Anchor Text Optimization Guide.

Make sure your site is more responsive and connect friendly:

  • Gone are the days of browsing desktop computers exclusively on the Internet. 
  • Nowadays, a lot of people than ever before are using their mobile devices to access the Internet.
  • This means you need to make your website accessible, more responsive, viewable on multiple devices. 
  • If people have to zoom in or scroll down to see your websites or blogs, they are going to move elsewhere. 
  • For better understanding in Mobile first, switch to Google, and if your content is not optimized for any mobile Google Search Console also will alert you.

Use social media:

  • We all know that social media is the world’s biggest marketing tool. It’s free and plays a key role in getting traffic to your website.
  • Let’s get to know how to direct traffic to your website using social media will take a little strategy and effort on your part.  
  • You should use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to promote blog posts and other information pages on your website. 
  • This way, you can turn social media users into website visitors and then potential customers. If you create shareable content, they can attract traffic from the friendship network, your overall range can be expanded further.  

Post useful content on Reddit:

  • When coming to website traffic, Reddit is one of the great ways to drive traffic to your website.
  • Reddit is a very popular site, where you can share useful information and engage in dialogue with millions of people from all over the planet.
  • The most popular domain, on the Internet to increase traffic to your visibility with no connection to the site will be very useful.  

Be social, Get involved, and participate:

  • Social media management does not start with creating an account and posting once a week.
  • You need to be involved and active in your accounts, online groups, and other websites related to your business.
  • The more involved you are, the more exposure you will get. 
  • Remember to be helpful and honest, avoiding spammy words or links to your website.     
    • Try to Comment on blogs and posts.
    • Answer people’s questions.
    • Participate actively in industry conversations.

Create perfect landing pages to drive lead and sales:

  • Landing pages are a free way to build/create your blogs or website and also it can get more traffic to your website. 
  • Typically, landing pages include information that customers need to go ahead and change. 
  • Do not hesitate to get your message targeted and defined, because it will only increase the pages to the overall drive traffic. 
  • Make sure there is a CTA on every page, which encourages readers to take the next step.
  • This can range from signing up for a newsletter to reaching a rating to participating in a free trial.    

Invite guest bloggers to create content:

  • It shows that you are trustworthy and up-to-date on what is happening in your market. 
  • It is not only the traffic through organic search, but also the promotion of content to their audience by the influencer or thought leader.  
  • Another option is to ask an influential or professional to mention your business in a review or post.

Stay in touch with email marketing:

  • Just because you focus on content marketing, does not mean you should forget the tried and true traditional methods. 
  • Email marketing is alive and well and can be an incredibly powerful tool if done right. When properly done email marketing you will cause a boom in drive traffic.   

Learn from Google Analytics:

  • Google Analytics is an invaluable resource and one you must constantly use to drive traffic. 
  • It is completely free so you can use it to track links to marketing campaigns and web analytics, demographics, popular pages, and more. 
  • This will give you a better idea of what strategies and content are working, and may require some improvements. 
  • You should also pay close attention to visitor data to measure where your traffic is coming from.    

How to direct traffic to your website using paid advertising within 15 days:

While free content marketing is a great start, you can still drive more traffic by combining your efforts with quality paid search management. This is a guaranteed way to build your brand and get your business right in front of the target audience.     

How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days
How to direct traffic to our website within 15 days

Sign in to Google Ads:

  • Paid Google advertising results on your website will be displayed on top of specific keyword search results. 
  • The search keywords used in the hearing of all the accounts and Google will review the bid, standards, and cost in terms of fit google ads results. 
  • This is a fantastic way to generate website traffic from a qualified audience. 
  • Additionally, you only get paid if someone clicks on your ad.   
  • Google Ads allows you to select your options, so your business will appear at the top of Google Maps search results. 
  • Buying branded keywords is a great way to increase traffic to your company’s square footage on the search engine results page. 

Choose the perfect targeted audience for advertising your websites or blogs: 

Paid advertising is a fantastic way to get eyes on your website. Here are some popular channels you can create in your payment strategy. 

  • Display ads are usually placed on related websites. This is a great way to reach your main target audience and drive relevant traffic to your website.   
  • Paid social advertising, like PPC, PPI, search advertising and so on that allows you to specify the proper type of targeted audience. It places ads to display on relevant social media.   
  • Retarding ads can be used on both websites and social media and are used to target people who have already visited your site, thus making them more likely to return.

Anyway, it gives you an idea of the common areas where your traffic is coming from and how you should monitor your traffic. Keep in mind, your website traffic will come if you are not overlooked. If you have any site, blog, or anywhere you run traffic, and then if you follow these all points continuously for 15 days but without your effort, you can’t able to get drive traffic to your website or blogs or whatever it is. I hope you got better ideas about driving traffic to your websitecanva. Thanks for reading this blog, thanks to you bye-bye!

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