How to write a perfect freelancer proposal in 2022

Learn the most effective techniques for creating compelling, inspiring project proposals to win freelance clients(freelancer proposal) – and how Liquid makes it easy.

Before you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that freelancing offers, you must first win over clients and potential business. Writing a persuasive and engaging project proposal is key to getting hired by clients. The competition may be fierce, but if your project proposal stands out in terms of content, clarity, and design, you’re already ahead. Here’s how to get the most out of your project proposals and how Liquid can help you do just that.

How to write a perfect freelancer proposal in 2022

An overview of your proposal

Before writing your proposal, make sure you know all the relevant information your client wants. Be sure to include these five key elements in your plan:

  • Include your general business information (your name, contact information, exact titles for projects/deliverables, and dates).
  • The client’s goals and how you will achieve them.
  • Write a timeline of milestones and their expected dates
  • Outline the fees/charges that come with the work you do

Impress your client

Liquid’s project proposal feature creates an easy “fill-in-the-blank” Freelancer Proposal Template where you can enter dates and topics that will be tailored for you. Plus, timestamps and company names are added automatically, so you can focus on writing the important content in your project.

Now writing the freelancer proposal– you will need more than the basic elements above. Your proposal must convince the client that you can achieve their goals of winning new business. Keep the following points in mind while writing a proposal to your client.

Use appropriate titles for your freelancer proposal and also make a good first impression

When titling your project, it’s a good idea to keep the name short and descriptive, such as “web development” or “sports photography,” so that your client knows what they’re doing at a glance. After the title, you should write a detailed proposal that demonstrates your understanding of what the client wants. You can do this by showing that you have researched the company/individual’s work. Mention past work you have done and how it prepared you for the job. Don’t worry about flowery or jargon–show that you’re committed and immersed in the project.

Don’t forget to incorporate any ideas or feedback your client has given you when writing your proposal. If you have a project description, use it to dictate the tone of your proposal and determine what you need to accomplish.

A successful first impression of a customer can lead to a long-term business relationship. With Liquid, all plans you create together are automatically linked to your Master Agreement / Master Services Agreement (MSA) with that particular customer. This will save you time and money by eliminating the need to negotiate legal terms every time you start a new project. You can easily send and receive projects/work orders and message each other through the work order page.

Embrace your strengths

As a freelancer, you have a lot of skills and abilities, but you need to let the client know this – they won’t see it if you don’t. The key to showcasing your strengths is making sure you highlight the skills that are relevant to the job at hand. If your client hires you for web development, they won’t care about your photography skills. Tailor your message so that your special skills and knowledge directly address the customer’s problem. You can also share relevant past work samples to further emphasize your credibility.

Create clear deliverables that solve problems for the customer and break down your tasks

Your plan may consist of several steps or items. Instead of cramming everything into one big paragraph, it’s much clearer to break these down into deliverables (by each service you provide in the project). Fluid allows you to create multiple deliverables within a project, giving you room to add a title and descriptions.

Choose a brief title that describes the focus you can provide, such as “New Website: Pete’s Pizza Place,” and write a summary of the work that will go into that item, including the time and steps you’ll take. Your deliverable should clearly outline how you will solve a problem for the customer or achieve a specific goal.

How to write a perfect freelancer proposal in 2022

Set a schedule and outline concrete milestones

Next, it’s a good idea to set a specific delivery schedule (ie, when the final product will be finished and what that final product will include). This way, your client has a solid idea of ​​what work they will be getting and the date it will happen. Liquid’s project proposal feature allows you to select a start date for each deliverable, add a description of the milestone that shows the project has been completed, and the option to add an estimate of the end date or completion date.

When writing your milestone, it’s a good idea to state what a high-quality finished product will look like (in terms of size, appearance, content, etc.). For example, for a new website deliverable, a milestone is the “About Us’, ‘Menu’, ‘Locations’ and ‘Leave a Comment’ tabs complete. Site design conforms to brand guidelines. All submitted with Adobe Dreamweaver CC.”

Define payments

A good project proposal or freelancer proposal is upfront about payment plans and next steps

The customer must pick up (ie, payment dates, delivery of goods, handing over passwords, etc.). Determine how much your time and labor are worth, and determine whether you should be paid on an hourly, daily, project completion basis. Outlining the payment terms isn’t just something the customer knows — it’s essential. You will pay the right amount at the right time for your business.

Liquid provides a hassle-free way to set up a payment schedule. When creating your plan, there is a drop-down menu to choose hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly payments from a fixed payment option. You can also choose to describe the payment plan in your own words. In addition, Liquid includes a feature that allows you to limit the maximum hours of work and set your customer’s invoice date. When you use Liquid, your payment plans work with greater clarity and efficiency.

Design/Formatting your proposal

It is important to have a properly designed, clean, and engaging proposal. Sending an unorganized word document will get you nowhere. Fortunately, when you complete your freelancer proposal, Liquid automatically incorporates your company’s information (eg, logo), formats your entries, and creates various sections in the appropriate size and color fonts. Your client can open and click on your finalized, polished proposal in no time.

Let’s look at the sample Freelancer Proposal Template:

Freelancer Proposal Template Sample Skill Junkie 1
Freelancer Proposal Template Sample Skill Junkie 2 1
Freelancer Proposal Template Sample Skill Junkie 3 1


Writing a project proposal/freelancer proposal doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Breaking down the process into steps, ensuring you meet the client’s needs, refer a lot of sample Freelancer Proposal Template, and highlighting your strengths will lead you to a clear and attention-grabbing proposal. You will win over your customers and business partners with your well-thought-out plans for joint ventures. Anyway, This is how you can make a perfect proposal as a freelancer, I hope you learn about it, thanks for reading my article, thank you bye-bye!

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