Make $100 with free sales funnel in 2021 with MailerLite

A few years back I was also in the same position as you are standing in. I am curious about how online entrepreneurs make their first earnings, what strategies they used, what product did they sell today I am giving you answer to all these questions.

Hi, my name is Jammy and I am a blogger, Youtuber, content creator, freelancer just like every other person who wants to make money online. Today I am going to tell you how to earn your first online earning with free sales funnel in 2021 with MailerLite.

So if you are reading this blog either you are an absolute beginner or a person who already making some money from the internet.

In this blog, I am going to break down how I made my first 5000 Rs or $70 on the internet without investing a single penny on Ads.

I don’t want to hide anything from you. I want to be transparent with you so if you are interested in this sales funnel then you can copy this sales funnel and who knows you also make your first sell.

In December 2019, I had Completed my Graduation in mechanical engineering and working in a mechanical company on 16000 wages and also preparing for a government job like all engineer who prepares for government job after graduation.

Till that time I don’t know anything about Online Earning and none of my friends knew anything about Online Earning.

Don’t worry I won’t bore you from my story but this is only so you can correlate with me. Long story short after working 19 Months finally I got my first sale of 5000Rs.

Now I am going to tell you how I did it. Like every beginner, I didn’t have money to spend on sales funnel like ClickFunnel or any Automation Software and finally, I found a platform that allows you to build a FREE Sales Funnel. (Mailer Lite)

And today I am going to explain to you my simple 3-page sales funnel that helps me to generate my first online Income.

Free Sales Funnel

This is my Simple sales funnel I know most of you tell, what is special in it but wait the special part is on my offer page that is a very important part of this sales funnel.

So as I said to you, I will be transparent with you so I am also telling you which product I am promoting. In this campaign, I am promoting Bluehost Hosting

Funny, but True

So If you are interested to know How to Build a Free Sales Funnel with Mailerlite you can watch this video where I have shown you step by step making sales funnel.

Now we have our 3 Page sales funnel with 4 Pitch Emails but the important part is the Offer page where I convinced visitor to buy from my link because this page decides whether your customer leave your offer or accept it and buy from your affiliate link.

Now as we all know there are thousands of people who are promoting the same product so the question is why people why from you and when you find this answer

Now You are ready to launch your First Sales Funnel

In my case, the answer to this question is SERVICE Let me explain I offer them 3 special offer and this is the main reason that force visitor to click on my Affiliate Link and I got my first sale and after that continuously I am getting sales from that funnel.

Don’t worry I also tell you what I offer to my visitor so they happily buy their hosting from my affiliate link and if you are interested you can also GRAB this offer. If anyone wants Hosting then please buy from my affiliate link and get 3 special offer.


I am offering them a free Bluehost E-Book. In which I am explaining How to Build Your Dream Website with BlueHost step by step so anyone can easily build their website with this Step by Step Blueprint.


I am offering them my Private Facebook group access for 1 month so within 1 month if they found any problem related to their website they can contact me on my Facegroup and I resolve their problem.

And this is very important because when you are a beginner you face a lot of issues during designing your website and sometimes a small problem can take a lot of time so for solving this problem I give them access to my private Facebook group and people love this offer.


If someone buys from my affiliate link I will design their whole website at a basic level so in that manner I am Saving their time as well as money because it’s not necessary that everyone makes their website by own sometimes they hire a freelancer or a person who design their website and they charge for it.

In Basic Level design I offer them-

1– Connect their Domain with Hosting

2- Installing and setting up a WordPress website

3– Install SSL Certificate

4- Designed and customized to meet your needs

5– Install Best theme As per your requirement

6– Install 10 plugin to your website for FREE

Additional Support if they want-

1- Create your free professional email account.

2- Free Email Pop Up Adder.

3- Integrate Google Console and Google Analytics for free.

4- Increase traffic by adding social media accounts.

5- Install some interesting plugins.

I know most of you think this is a bad idea it’s time-consuming and also very difficult and some of you thinking what if you don’t know how to build a website so my friend offers something that you think that can solve their problems or offer a different product that fits your expertise.

But, Yet few of you think it’s not profitable so,

Let’s do a quick math’s

In 2019 My salary was 16000

After 19-20 months my salary increased 20% each year (It’s also too high practically your salary doesn’t grow that fast but we assume)

So, What is my current salary?

1st Year-

Work Hour- Minimum 8hr/day

(16000X20) / 100 = 19,200 ₹

2nd Year- 

Work Hour- Minimum 8hr/day

(19200X20) / 100 = 23,040 ₹

So, My current Salary is = 23,040 ₹

Now my Online Earning through this One Sales Funnel

From this Funnel, I get a minimum of 4 order in a month.

So, What are my Current earnings?

As I am promoting in India so BlueHost pay me 5000 per sale

So, 4Sale X 5000 = 20,000 ₹

Time Spend to build 1 website is minimum 6hr and maximum 15hr or 2 day

So to build 4 websites I am inventing almost 40hr (approx) or 5 Day

Sounds Good

I don’t think this is a bad amount I think it’s much better than the job Salary that I receive every month.

I hope I cleared everything about this funnel and you can also apply that kind of trick to generate the first sell. Once you generate your first sell your confidence will boost and then you realize your hard work pays off. If you are interested to know how Step by Step Guide to Build Free Sales Funnel you can read this blog.

Final Verdict :  

In this blog, we covered everything about I build my first free sales funnel that helps me to generate my first online Income and also I am explained how I approach people to buy from my affiliate link and if you have any query please comment me or you can contact me for any help regarding sales funnel and please feel free to check my other Blogs.

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