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Starting a business is a challenging task, and then it takes a lot of effort and time to make that business sustainable and profitable. It’s like raising a child to be a fully grown person. If it is not difficult, in a country like India, where most of the population lives in village area, with very different infrastructure than cities, overcoming it is a considerable challenge.

Each business has its infrastructure requirements and its requirements. Many of these will also depend on the physical location where a person has set up the company. As a result, trying to grow start-ups in the village area of a country like India will face its challenges.

So start-ups may have plenty of best business ideas, opportunities to invest in village area that will quickly grow and prosper.

Let’s get start top 15 best business ideas in the village area:

Open the Internet Hotel:

Some rural areas still do not have a proper internet connection, at least not in every part of the world. In this situation, opening an internet cafe would be a good or best business idea.

Internet cafes are trendy among young people, and they charge an hourly basis to use computers that are not at home.

You can get a good income based on the number of customers who visit the cafe. You can start this business with just four computers and a printer handling scanning and photocopy work.

If it were a tourist village area, you would have many tourists as visitors, except for carrying their laptops.

This business does not require a significant investment in computers, internet connections, etc., but the returns will be worth it over time.

You can turn your internet cafe into an entertainment zone by placing some games for kids. Entertainment-related activities will get some extra money for your business.

15 best business ideas in village area - Skill Junkie

Local technical support service:

Technical support is always needed. People use computers, printers, cell phones, and other technologies wherever they live. And one disadvantage of living in remote or agricultural lands is that you have to go to the city centers of nearby cities to access facilities such as personal technical support. They were presenting a problem in the lives of these people due to severe inconvenience.

That’s where this company can come from, and it can even be run from the comfort of your own home. By setting up a small shop in your home, people in the community can leave their equipment at your home or email you. Then you have to fix it and hand the standard device to him. People can contact you through a website and register your services there as well.

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Frozen fruits and vegetables:

You may have heard a lot of times that tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are wasted. However, these large quantities of fruits and vegetables can be used by freezing them in the refrigerator. For example, apples can be stored and jammed, and tomatoes can make a paste, such as frozen peas.

If you store them during the season, you can sell them at a higher price and earn big money. These frozen fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and high demand worldwide.

For now, awareness is low; Therefore, the producers are more minor. So, you can start this small-scale business with low investment initially but expand it when it gets more customers.

Open the clothing store:

Clothing after the ice age is a basic need for humans. Therefore, it will always be considered a green best business ideas. So, having a business in clothing is profitable because there are more skirts in this business.

Depending on the need and need in the particular area, one can own a clothing store without fear of loss.

Like any other business, you will need an initial investment to set up shop. Still, if the quality of the products is excellent and suitable for the local fashion, you can get a lot of customers.

Get ready for seasonal outfits like winter or summer. Spring fashion is different from what we need in the rainy season. Also, demand is high during the festive season. Life keeps changing.

Action Sports Rental Service:

Rural and remote communities are primarily for outdoor adventures and activities because of the easy access to paths, hikes, and other places where you can do outdoor activities. By launching an outdoor activity sports rental service, you can take advantage of the landscapes around you and provide a fun experience for people.

For example:

If your home has a pair of mountain bikes or some jet skis in your home, this would be a great place to start for rent.

Two business models can be used here. You can rent the equipment to take the customer from your home and use it anyway they like, or you can charge more extensively and bring the customers on an adventure and add more value to them if they are unfamiliar with a tour. The latter option can control you based on how much money you can make if you run this page, so keep that in mind.

Start a water treatment plant:

This type of business requires a medium investment, but the returns are worth it. For this manpower, a lot of equipment must be installed, and most importantly, the water must be clean and pure when used for testing.

Otherwise, any test will be valid if germs or contaminants are added from the water used to wash the equipment.

So make sure you have clean water or set up a water filter to ensure a valid test.

You can become a packaged drinking water supplier for people who charge a small fee for a 20-liter container.

This can be an extra lucrative side business in the long run other than the money you earn to carry out various tests in the lab.

It would be best if you had a comprehensive business plan for a mineral water production plant. Create a plan and start implementing it today.

Most villages rely on boreholes, where groundwater is mixed with contaminants and components harmful to health hazards.

So setting up a water treatment plant next to a pathology lab is essential for your lab and people who need good water.

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Open mobile phones and accessories store:

Mobile phones are needed everywhere, and no countryside is an exception. So, it is a great idea to own mobile phones and accessories if there is a shortage of business anywhere.

People do not need high technology, but the investment is less as you can only keep the items you use and need in the area where the essential services are required.

You can quickly start this business with very little investment; 

All you need is the right store in the excellent area and supplier contacts from the nearest town.

Phone cards, earphones, mobile batteries, etc., are also required as accessories. The income in this business is moderate, but you will always grow over time.

This is a best business idea for those who do not have mobile shops or a few village area.

15 best business ideas in village area - Skill Junkie

Start organic farming:

People these days are crazy about organic farming foods that do not contain pesticides, insecticide sprays, and harmful chemicals.

Fruits and vegetables are grown naturally and are free of chemical toxins in the villages.

Some people leave good jobs to start profitable organic farming.

Significant investments include purchasing land, farm implements and equipment, and healthy yields with good seeds.

Initially, the income will not be very high. However, as your crops will start to produce fruits and vegetables over time, you will get a healthy income by selling agricultural products.

For a long time, organic farming has been an excellent business to develop immunity these days, and banks are willing to provide loans for it if you are willing to work hard.

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Fertilizer production:

Fertilizers are in high demand as they are essential for plant growth. Local farmers always need fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides. If you are involved in agriculture, you will have different ideas for making compost.

India is an agricultural country, and two-thirds of the land is used for cultivation; So farmers need fertilizers to make the soil more fertile to increase production.

Organic farming has become a trend these days because people are becoming more aware of healthy living. Thus, you can start making organic farming (fertilizer) with natural ingredients; It will help create a lot of money.

Let’s start with the investment. You will need a small space or set up this business at home for around Rs. 50,000.


Bookstores may be different now and may resemble what most of us remember in our childhood, but that’s not a bad thing. More small towns, isn’t it about creating opportunities and creating creative ways to give their communities more options?

Yes!, if your mind decides to open a new bookstore in your village, the main thing in the bookstore is that you make your books more interesting, creative, and good content books.

Nowadays, it is rare to go to a bookstore for books. They are now an excellent target for gifts, crafts, e-readers, coffee, and events. Selling various products and hosting events will diversify the Ugadi stream and bring additional customers to your store, not the traditional paper book type.

Although bookstores are in short supply these days, you may be surprised to find that bookstore sales have increased by five percent. While this is partly due to low competition, the opportunity to rediscover bookstores in the 21st century is lucrative.

Opening up a specialty grocery store may be the perfect invitation. 

If you already have it in your town, what about the liquor or cheese shop? Even if you are wondering, “How much wine or cheese can a small town consume?”

Remember, when serving a small community, the options are limited, which opens up the opportunity for residents to help in more than one way. Take care not to bite more than you chew. It’s okay to have a few things for a few, but don’t try to be everything to everyone.

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Handmade biscuits:

Making cookies and biscuits will be a great business if you like cooking and baking. Different people are looking for new flavors for biscuits and cookies and prefer homemade biscuits to others. You can set up a small-scale business as it requires minimal capital to start this business.

To succeed in the bakery business, you need to take care of marketing and know the taste your customers are looking for.

Depending on the need, you can choose the items you need. The primary things required to set up an electric stove, grinder, mixer, and raw materials.

Homemade chocolates:

Almost everyone loves chocolates, and it would be nice to start this business if you like making chocolate. This business does not require investment or much marketing. Those who love chocolates are trying new flavors and varieties.

Nowadays, people prefer homemade products to chemical products, and the same goes for chocolates. Homemade chocolates are healthy and tasty, so there is a considerable demand for them in the market.

You can pick up orders from a pastry shop or have them delivered to hotels in their bakery.

15 best business ideas in village area - Skill Junkie

Wedding Shop:

Wedding dresses and accessories. People are not going to stop getting married soon, and in small towns, spouses are less likely to hold their wedding far away. Naturally, brides, grooms, and dignitaries need beautiful and clear dresses to wear on the big day! Do you want to know one thing that is always required?

So, what better idea than a wedding shop? If you wish, you can do some market research in your target city. Look at the general marital status of citizens and their average age. You are looking for a small town with a good proportion of young people who are not yet married for apparent reasons. The best thing about wedding shops is that you can dress for the wedding and sell prom dresses and ball gowns for people attending such events.

There will always be a market for formal clothing, but you need to set the right price for your peers’ income level.

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Mineral water plant:

You can set up this mineral water plant as there is a high demand for bottled mineral water at weddings, parties, hotels, etc., but since hygiene is paramount in this business, it needs attention to detail.

Compared to the other businesses mentioned, this requires considerable money, but it is equally profitable. To start this business, you need a good plan and strategy for marketing and sales.

The best part about this business is that the competition is relatively low. The company requires an investment of Rs 40-60 lakh excluding land, but according to research, the profit would be around Rs 1.5 crore to Rs 3 crore per annum if it is good.

Anyway, I hope you got a fantastic idea about the 15 best business ideas in the village area. Suppose you need more interest in affiliate marketing, digital marketing, E-commerce, and kindy visit our latest blogs. Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you bye-bye!

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