Hostinger Review 2021: Is It The Right Web Host For You?

Did you know that in the beginning, there were only 4 web hosts dominating the market? With time, it turned into a 126 million host industries that left people with a wide number of options to choose from.
hostinger review 2021

Did you know that in the beginning, there were only 4 web hosts dominating the market? With time, it turned into a 126 million host industries that left people with a wide number of options to choose from. 

Hostinger is one of the most reliable web hosts with a variety of plans suitable for all different types of users. 

In this Hostinger review 2021, we will cover all important aspects regarding this web host that makes your decision easier. 

Beginning from the top features that make it stand out in the crowd and ending till the varied plans and pricing it offers. 

Let’s get ahead and start with this detailed Hostinger review 2021. 

Great Loading Speed Retains Visitors

You might come across patience dressed as a human and it would still leave in case of a slow loading page of a website.

The truth is that people are aware of the number of options on the web. In such a scenario, it wouldn’t take much time for them to look out for an alternative. 

Research has shown that the bounce rate hiked from 9% to 38% when the loading speed was 5 seconds rather than less than two seconds. 

You see, a few seconds could make a huge difference in the bounce rate which in turn affects your overall results. 

Whether we talk about users or search engines, loading speed is an essential factor that must be taken into consideration. 

Research has shown that Hostinger has a loading speed of 345ms which is far better than the number of hosts we came across throughout our search. 

A great loading speed ensures your users are satisfied with the performance, in turn reducing the bounce rate. 

The best part that we encountered about this web host is that it gives overall data regarding the servers. You can easily go through and analyze the uptime data which is always close to 100 in the case of Hostinger. 

Sometimes it could be a little shaky but remember that it gives you ultimate results at a cheap price. 

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Cheap Web Host With All Required Features

Most people find it difficult to choose a reliable web host due to a restricted budget. After researching and analyzing all the top web hosts in the industry, we can assure you that Hostinger is a great option. 

Even the basic plan offers a lot of benefits that most of its competitors don’t. If you’re wondering why Hostinger is being so delightful to the customers regarding the price, then let’s answer your question. 

Yes, the prices are comparatively cheap and offer great benefits. But to reap those benefits, you have to commit to this host for a longer period of time. 

When choosing a host for the first time, people generally prefer committing for less duration. This assures that their invested money is not wasted if the host ends up not meeting the set mark. But investing money for years can be extremely beneficial if the offered services are great. The amount of money you spend on whichever host does not concern your target audience. They expect the best performance from your website. 

Our team conducted a deep survey to dig into this matter and came to know that Hostinger did prove to be an effective choice. The first time website owners invested in longer hosting plans and the observed performance was definitely worth the money. 

We also talked to people who gave preference to other popular web hosts including SiteGround, Hostgator, etc. 

After analyzing and understanding the responses, Hostinger still remained to be the top preference for people with a limited budget. 

So to answer your question, yes, Hostinger is worth investing a number of years in. ‘

SSL Certificate Assures Safety And Security To Visitors (Hostinger Review 2021)

Visitors are very concerned about their safety and security due to an increase in online ,.’scams. People will try and convince you that you can survive without SSL. Not having an SSL certificate will affect your website in two major ways. 

  • Your potential customers will suffer a lack of trust in you.
  • Your Google ranking will be highly affected since it ensures the visitors only come across safe and secured websites. 

Hostinger provides an SSL certificate with every plan that it offers. Keeping the importance of safety and security in mind, make sure you double check the inclusions in a hosting plan. 

One Month Money Back Guarantee Ensures Safety

Beginners often make the mistake of trusting the wrong web host that does not satisfy their requirements. 

What if this turns out to be the case in Hostinger?

What if the services offered by this web host are not up to the mark?

Hostinger ensures every person using it is satisfied by the services it offers. If you don’t find it useful in a period of 30 days, you can easily ask for a refund. 

But make sure you go through the refund policy before purchasing this web host. There are certain terms and conditions attached with particular products. 

Hostinger is considered one of the most affordable and reliable web hosts. You’ll be happy to know that currently, it’s offering up to 70% off on its web host plans. 

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Suitable For Beginners (Hostinger Review 2021)

The interface is easy to use and assures that you need not run from one place to another for every other thing. Your dashboard will help you in monitoring and completing all the required tasks with ease. 

Beginner website owners are often confused regarding the working but Hostinger ensures it makes the space comfortable for all types of users. No matter how overwhelming you might feel, Hostinger provides an ease to new website owners by its super easy interface. 

As a beginner, you are willing to pay less but that does not mean you can compare with the quality of services offered. We can assure you that this web host includes every feature that you need to get going. Even if you feel stuck at some point, the customer support service is always there to answer your queries.


Types Of Hosting Provided By Hostinger

Hostinger provides its customers with four different types of hosting namely shared, WordPress, cloud, and VPS hosting. It has everything in the store except dedicated hosting which somehow comes as a drawback of this amazing web host. If you are looking for dedicated web host, then your idea of choosing Hostinger ends here.  

If you are a complete beginner then shared or cloud hosting is the right choice for you. For passionate bloggers, WordPress hosting has got you covered. Lastly, for big websites who operate on a larger level, goes for VPS hosting. 

According to your needs and requirements, you can opt for the most suitable type of hosting. Once you do, you will come across different plans under every type of hosting. 

Types Of Web Hosting Plans (Hostinger Review 2021)

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If you are a complete beginner, you can opt for a single web hosting plan. There are limited features available in this option, but it is considered viable by new users. 

As you can clearly see in this Hostinger review 2021, the premium and business plans come equipped with unlimited features and benefits. 

Firstly, you will get your hands on unlimited email accounts for free. A single web hosting plan only provides you one email. 

As said above, the interface is considered suitable, thereby meaning you can handle all these emails right from your dashboard without any hassle. If you find trouble responding to all emails on your own, you can easily set up an autoresponder. 

Apart from that, you get access to unlimited bandwidth and databases in case of premium and business plans. As said earlier, single web hosting has the least available features, thereby meaning with growth and expansion, you should consider switching to other available options. 

Lack Of Daily Backup: The Only Con We Noticed

If you are used to free daily backups with regular plans on other web hosts then it can be a little problematic. In the case of Hostinger, you only come across free backups in their business hosting plan (yes, the most expensive plan). For other plans, you need to purchase them at an extra cost. Most of the users find this disheartening. 

But the low cost offered by Hostinger as seen in this Hostinger review 2021, somehow covers this up. Since they are already providing you with the cheapest plans in the market, maybe you can let them earn a little in this area. 

Is This The Right Host For Your Site? (Hostinger Review 2021)

After going through this Hostinger review 2021, you can conclude that Hositnger offers you all that you need in one place without any hassle. If you have been after a cheap web host that does not compromise with performance then go for it. There are a number of hosts available in the market that provides better features but aren’t under your budget. As a beginner, you are still learning and growing your business and a less complicated host is all you need. 

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