How To Get Backlinks For My Website? 7 Smart Ideas You Should Try Today

What are backlinks? Why do websites put enough emphasis on backlinks? And how to create backlinks for my website free? Read ahead to find out.

Every new website owner comes across this one question: How to get Backlinks for my website?

Before answering that, let’s first answer why to get backlinks for your website?

Can you survive a day without food? 

Well, yes, you can, for as long as 8 to 21 days. But what after that? You will slowly and gradually feel your body getting weaker. 

The same goes for your website. Backlinks are the food for your website and it can not flourish without them in the long run. You will notice it slowly withering and losing its existence. 

But what are backlinks? Why do websites put enough emphasis on backlinks? And how to get backlinks for my website free?

If these questions are juggling in your head then don’t worry, you are not alone.

This article will walk you through some smart ideas that most website owners miss in the race of acquiring the maximum backlinks to improve reach. 

Let’s first quickly understand the meaning of backlinks and their working before moving further. 

Backlinks Meaning And Their Working

How do you think a search engine gets notified of a page being valuable and credible?

Already credible websites help them in identifying pages worthy of appearing in the top results in SERPs. 

Backlinks are the links that direct readers from one website to a page on another website. All the popular search engines consider backlinks an important ranking factor. The pages on your website consisting of a high number of backlinks will receive more organic traffic.

As we all know that Google continues on making changes in its algorithm but this ranking factor remains consistent. In fact, it comes under the top three ranking factors considered by Google. 

Now as we are aware of the importance of backlinks, let’s move further to the ways you can use to acquire high-quality backlinks free or for a minimal price.

Curating Quality Content Worthy Of Being Linked Back To

Start by asking yourself the following two questions:

Does my content provide actionable tips and valuable insights that other websites lack?

Is my style of writing persuading enough to hook the reader in the first go?

If the answer to any of the two questions is a big fat NO, then it’s time to change that. 

There are a number of websites curating content on a regular basis and trying their best to outrun their competitors. 

Most of the top websites or blogs link back to the content that they feel will be useful for their readers. But apart from being useful, it should be interesting enough to read.

Let’s be honest, no one goes through a bunch of information scattered here and there in a formal tone. People love engaging with content written in a conversational tone.

Now more than ever, content writers use storytelling to enhance the quality of their content. The act of storytelling is powerful enough to arouse the interest of the users. Ensure that you are always starting your piece of content with an engaging story that instantly makes them wonder, what next?

I want you to really focus on this next question and do not move further until you give yourself at least one answer. 

Now that you know you need your content to have a conversation with your reader, how do you plan on modifying your current writing style?

Let’s move further to get acquainted with the two most common types of posts that get maximum engagement. 

Ultimate Guides(How To Get Backlinks For My Website)

Let’s be honest, people are lazy and they would hardly move from one website to another for getting information. 

If you put yourself in the shoes of your readers, which of the following will you prefer:

Finding all relevant information in one blog post. 


Juggling through different blog posts to cover the entire topic. 

The obvious answer is the first one, right? Due to this, ultimate guides that provide complete information about a particular topic get the most engagement. This will definitely take an ample amount of time, research, and effort in curation, but you will receive maximum benefit for the same. 

How-To Posts

How-to posts undoubtedly remain a top choice for websites since users are always browsing the internet to see how something is done. The first thing typed in a search bar generally begins with “how to” followed by the thing the person is looking to be done. For example, how to stop my dog from leash pulling or how to reduce the bounce rate of my website. 

If you are answering the “how” properly, your chances of ranking higher improves. 

While curating the how-to post, make sure you provide enough alternatives that suit varied people reading your post. Remember that your entire focus should be to make the task easier for your reader. 

Try to take into consideration the varied perspectives of readers to get the best out of your content. Remember that this way only takes an ample amount of research and you will eventually end up with high-quality backlinks free.

generating high-quality backlinks free
generating high-quality backlinks free

Using Infographics As A Source Of Presenting Data

If you are tired of your content not getting enough readership then try shifting the approach you use for the representation of your data.

Infographics provide a visual representation of the collected data easily understandable by the audience. 

17 of 20 People Prefer Visual Representation Of The Data!!

We went around and asked a group of 20 people whether they preferred reading factual data or visual representation of the same. 17 of them went with visual representation which depicts the importance of using infographics for presenting your collected data. Your chances of attracting readers considerably increase due to their preference for visual data. 

There are a number of free infographic templates that you can simply acquire on Google. Apart from easily being created, infographics can be presented on any platform that you prefer. You can add them to your website, emails, social media platforms, blogs, etc. 

Put Emphasis On Collecting Valuable Data

The most important advice for beginners is not to create an expensive infographic at first. Remember that your target is to offer valuable data to your audience which can be given with free tools and platforms. Websites more often link back to infographics that present valuable data to the users. Make sure you put enough emphasis on collecting data instead of creating a fancy infographic. 

How To Collect Data?

Beginners are always confused regarding the collection of data. If you have enough time then get involved in your own research. But if not, you can go through data available through previously conducted research by various sources and compile them into something valuable and useful. 

Improving Your Presence Through Commenting On Popular Blogs (High-quality Backlinks Free)

Blog commenting is one of the greatest ways of acquiring backlinks for your website. But most website owners are constantly running behind backlinks and commenting nothing of value on other blog posts. Spamming should never be your ultimate goal if you plan on acquiring backlinking through blog commenting. 

By commenting something of value, you can easily build a good relationship with the people who engage with your comment. As you are commenting on the content in your niche, the audience will eventually pay a visit to your website. 

In this manner, you can attract your target audience by commenting on popular websites or blogs. You are creating a backlink for your own website, thereby ensuring search engines that your website is worthy and credible. 

Avoid vague commenting and try to comment something that brings out a conclusion or raises a further question. If you are raising a question, you are likely to receive answers, thereby striking a conversation. 

But before getting all started with blog commenting, it’s time to prepare a list. Your target should be all the high-ranking websites in your niche. By going through the posts on their site you will get an idea about the current happenings in your niche. Based on your reading and observation, you can comment your insights to the same. 

Get started with your list and you just have to start with the top 10 websites that consistently put up relevant content that the audience engages with. Start with commenting on them and see if you succeed in driving traffic through this method. 

Provide Valuable Answers On Quora

Some people are caught up in a myth that providing a few answers on Quora will boost traffic on their site.

No, it’s not as easy as it seems since it takes long dedicated hours for creating a strong presence on Quora. 

But before you rush in to provide valuable answers to the queries, ask yourself this question:

Is my website occupied with in-depth content that will benefit my readers?

You need to provide them a strong reason to visit your website. Create high-quality content that offers value to your readers and proves to be worthy of their time. If not, you will only contribute towards an increased bounce rate. 

If you are expecting me to fill this screen with shortcuts to success on Quora, then the truth is, there aren’t any. You need to sit, read, and provide the best possible answer to the questions. 

Another thought that often comes to the minds of people is that there are already a bunch of answers available to the questions. Yes, there are. But you can always enhance your answers by providing step-by-step solutions in a conversational tone. 

Try all possible methods to provide the answers that the users find easy and satisfying. You can take the help of relevant images for better understanding. Apart from that, you can also include links that provide in-depth knowledge on the subject. 

Your visibility totally relies on the number of questions that you answer. If the answers that you provide are helpful, people will eventually view and share the same.  Now, more than ever, Quora has become a top location for generating high-quality backlinks free.

Provide Testimonials In Exchange For A Backlink

To make this method work, you need to go through the products and services in your niche. Identify the ones that you feel are extremely helpful to run your business. Websites are always looking out for testimonials for social proof. You can ask for a backlink in exchange for a testimonial. 

This is one of the easiest methods of link building since websites are always looking forward to an increased number of testimonials. This improves their site’s credibility, thereby provoking more potential customers to finally make a purchase. 

You need to mention all the positive things or benefits that the particular product offers you. This gives an idea to the potential customers and makes their decision easier. Video testimonials are known to attract more people. At the time of pitching the idea, try going for video testimonials. If you put enough work into creating the video, you might get an opportunity of being featured on their homepage. 

This in turn improves your reach to a great extent, thereby ensuring your efforts will give you the desired results. Whether you opt for a written testimonial or video testimonial, make sure you make proper use of this amazing opportunity of link building. 

But make sure you are only doing it for the products that you genuinely consider good.

To get started, search for the products and services in your niche. Obtain their emails and send an attractive pitch to give them an idea of what they can expect. Most website owners prefer attaching a video along with it to back up the idea. 

generating high-quality backlinks free
generating high-quality backlinks free

Guest Blogging On Popular Websites (How To Get Backlinks For My Website)

New website owners often rely on guest blogging on popular websites to improve their reach. Websites with thousands of visitors every day can help you grow your business to a great extent. These websites have put in a lot of hard work to obtain and retain visitors, thereby creating a loyal readership. 

In order to ensure these websites approve of your content, you need to work on creating intermediate-level articles that can benefit their users. They have considerably grown up from the basic knowledge and are not looking out for it

While curating content, make sure you fill it with valuable statistics and facts with sufficient references to prove the same. 

For guest blogging on the websites ranking on the first page of google’s SERPs, follow these points:

  • Type in the topic that you are interested in writing on and add “+write for us” in the end. For example, Digital marketing+write for us. You will come across all the top websites that are looking forward to accepting guest blogs on their website. 
  • Read the guidelines provided by them properly to ensure your chances of being selected increase. They generally provide an email for the writers to send in a pitch. 
  • Go through their blog to get a clear idea of their writing style, the topics they already covered, and the ones they missed. Based on this, prepare an outline explaining what your article will cover. If they like your picture, you will receive a reply and a deadline for submission. 

In exchange for a high-quality article, these websites provide backlinks for your website. Generally, two links are added, one in the content while the other in the author bio. 

This should be a preferred method since you are transferring your knowledge in exchange for high-quality backlinks free.

Reap The Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

Research has shown that 17% of the companies spend half of their marketing budget on influencer marketing.

But why? 

Influencer marketing is gaining popularity since people listen more to the influencers that they genuinely trust. When it comes down to influencer marketing, influencers with millions of followers charge a lot of money. But there are always the ones with less followers but still a dedicated audience. 

You can research about the influencers in your niche and reach out to them. They will provide a backlink for your website and also indulge in heavy promotion on social media networks. This ensures your website gets a good reach, thereby reaping the benefits of the effort. 

Some influencers even accept free products for promotion. All that you need to do is research and find the ones suitable for promotion. 

So, finally, you have a list of some of the smartest ways of generating backlinks. No more trouble being stuck to the one question: how to get backlinks for my website? Go ahead and take action right now from the list to create backlinks free and ensure your website grows. Do not sit in front of the computer and wait for your website to grow on its own. Make effort and reap the benefits of the same. 

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