How Gaming Career is a New opportunity for Gamers:

Many people take gaming as a hobby, but it is greater than that. You can earn a lot of your life and thus you can make a profession. In recent years,
Lots of countries find the biggest growth of gaming, and now it has become a serious profession.


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Gaming and gaming consoles are a measure to play electronic games using our computers, tablets, mobile phones, or any other medium.

A person in games is often called a gamer. Gaming is a very competitive sector, where there is a good balance of professional, fun, and technology which the industry requires.

The most important skills needed in this field are creativity and passion.
There are a lot of good opportunities for the gaming career for the candidates in the programming languages, creativity, and passion.

Well, if you ever want to get involved in creating a game, you can look for a game designer as a good career option:

Future of gaming industry

The future of gaming is exciting, However, it will be very competitive and there are many obstacles to becoming a pro player. According to KPMG( Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler), the Indian online gaming industry is expected to grow by 25%(combined annual growth rate) to reach Rs.12,880 crore in the Financial year 2024, while the global eSports market value is US $ 870 million.

Global gaming industry revenues will reach the US $ 1.90 billion by 2023. With a 25% CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate), the market is anticipated to earn $ 2 billion by 2023.

You know most of the revenues from, sponsorship, Advertising(Ads) and the rest from gaming betting, prize pools, Competitions, Products and Ticket sales.

This means that as online streaming websites or platforms like YouTube and Twitch(Twitch is one of the world’s leading games live-streaming platforms),
there will be a further increase in the number of viewers nationally, online viewers.

For all the gaming enthusiasts who want to take their interest in gaming to another level, there are many more in this gaming industry in the near future.

A career in the gaming industry

With the development of the world, Innovation, creativity, and new technology, the ‘Gaming’ industry is also growing with the latest techniques of sports.

Most Gaming developers and Researchers are confronting the new era of digital games with brain-enhancing form.

In the Gaming career, there are a lot of job opportunities all over the world. India offers sports development and animation services at a highly competitive rate compared to other outsourcing areas.

You can choose your career in different types of gaming like video gaming, console gaming, wireless gaming, PC gaming, and multiplayer gaming.

The development of the Indian sports sector has provided many job opportunities for talented professionals. Many top game design and game development companies in India hire experts for game design.

Let me tell you some of the jobs that pay off in the gaming career:

  • Game Designer,
  • Game Animator or Game Visual Artist,
  • Sound Designer or Game Audio Engineer,
  • Game Developer or Game Programmer,
  • Game Tester,
  • DevOps Engineer.

Game Designer:

They are the architect of the game and in their work plan and define all the elements of the game: its structure, rules, environment, story flow, levels, characters, vehicles, weapons, etc.  

Game designers visualize the game concept as a whole, The game is played with the help of programmers, animators, producers, and audio engineers.

Game designers also do initial market research to make sure people enjoy the game concept they create. 

The game Designer will work with the entire team and supervise them to ensure the game experience meets their original concept.

Education Qualification for game designer: 

Bachelor degree in sports design, 

B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering/Computer Engineering.

Game Animator/ Visual Artist:

Visual artists and animators provide a body layout for the characters, objects, environment, and scenes in the game.

They define the shadows according to the skin texture of each of the characters, the bright glow on the road when it rains, or the source of light.

A visual artist takes good care of the way a character jumps, bends, sits, stands, and moves.

There are different work roles in the arts such as Concept Artists, 3D Models, 2D / Textile Artists, each with different responsibilities and techniques.

Education Qualification for Game Animator/Visual Artist:

Bachelor’s degree in Animation, Interpretation, Computer Graphics, Art.

Sound Designer/ Audio Engineer:

They are all created by sound designers and audio engineers, and they are helped by soundtracks and sound effects such as gunshots, crowd noise, birds chirping, car vroom, traffic.

Each game has its style and audio engineers create audio that is compatible with users.
Sound designers combine the essence of the game with perfect audio or sound they create by dynamic sound effects with background music and ambient sounds to enliven the game World.

Educational Qualification for Audio Engineer/Sound designer:
Bachelor of Sound Engineering or Bachelor of Audiography.

Game Developer/ Programmer:

Programs are most important for game development, They generate technical codes that drive the game concept.

They liaise with athletes, game designers, game makers, and sound technicians to ensure that the technical coding system is in sync with the game design and that it justifies its creative vision.

They test program codes and fix game bugs pointed out by game testers. Game development is a very complex process and requires large groups of programmers to create a game.

Education Qualification for Game Development/Programmer:
Undergraduate in Game development/Sports programming,
B.E/B.Tech in computer science or Principal Component Analysis.

Game Tester:

The dream job of any gamer who plays games all day for a career, and the role of sports testers are not very different. But sports testers do not sit for a cup of tea, relax and play through the game levels.

They systematically review the gameplay plans, identify bugs and suggest changes that programmers make to improve game quality and gameplay before it goes public.

Game testing involves playing the same level over and over again until it is confirmed that there are no errors or omissions.

This job ensures that the game is played for a long time and the gaming experience of the players is not spoiled due to any shortcomings.

Education Qualification for Game:
B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science,

Need certification from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, and my opinion is from The Inter-American Development Bank to increase more to getting a job as a game tester.

DevOps Engineer:

As games become more and more focused online, DevOps engineers are needed to build and maintain servers and networks.

In an online multiplayer game, each player plays the game locally while interacting with web services in the background.

DevOps Engineer is responsible for maintaining the security of the server and smooth operation to which the players are connected.

Essentially, this is a cross-functional role between the development and operational team.

Education Qualification for DevOps engineer:
B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

How can I enter into a Gaming Career in the easy method without money:

Play various kinds of famous and creative games during your rest, boring, and some other free time, mainly when you are a school student it will be easier to play games.

Then Raise your games into a multi-level, Pro level, or Premium level gradually by participating in games and practicing a lot in games as a master,

Then after finishing your school and college education, Join a great community of gaming platforms then explore your gaming talent through play, and then practice to become a Professional pro game,

This is a more important stage, now you need to find a perfect team, and find a perfect sponsor or else you can Play individually,

Start playing with professional Pro gamers like tournaments either offline or online as per the tournament’s rules and regulations.

Here guys you see, You don’t need any education to become a professional game player. I suggest that you have to complete your school and college education before you change to a pro game player.

Before reaching the 10th class at school you can become an extraordinary Pro game player (whatever, many national and international competitions indicate that you should be at least 18 years old to participate professionally).

Before trying to become a pro-gamer, remember that your parents must first invest in devices and software to buy for your Gaming materials,

If you are very serious about taking professional gaming as a profession it is not very difficult to do.

However, it is very difficult to become a Pro Gamer because it is very competitive, and keep in mind that there are many obstacles in your way out of the game to becoming a part of the gaming industry,

I give an amazing tip for becoming Pro Gamer: Creating a pro player resume/portfolio which you need including your best scores in different records you won, games, etc.

The international gaming career/industry is fastly growing and also is the Indian market, which offers a lot of opportunities for Game enthusiasts.

It is a relatively new industry but has grown tremendously over the past two decades with the expansion of Internet access and the advancement of technology.

The future of the gaming career in India is very bright, so now is the best time to create a career in this field!

Undergraduate courses in Game development and Game designing after the 12th:

  • BSc Animation & Gaming
  • B.Sc. in Gaming
  • B.Sc. in Animation Game Design and Development
  • B.Sc. in Graphics, Animation & Gaming
  • BA in Animation & Computer Graphics
  • Bachelors in Media Animation & Design (BMAD)
  • BA (Hons) Computer Games Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design
  • Bachelor of Information Technology/Art – User Experience Design
  • BTech in Computer Science and Game Development

Postgraduate courses in Game development and Game designing after the 12th:

  • MSc in Game Design and Development
  • MSc in Gaming
  • Master in Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality(VR)
  • MSc in Multimedia and Animation
  • M.Sc. in Animation and Multimedia with Game Art & Design

Certificate or Diploma Courses in Game Designing and Game Development After 10th or 12th in India:

  • Certificate course in Game Art & Design,
  • Certificate in Gaming,
  • Diploma in Game Programming and Production Gaming,
  • Diploma in Game Design and Diploma in Animation and Special Effect,
  • Diploma in Game Development,
  • Diploma in Game Design and Integration,
  • Advanced Diploma in 3D Game Content Creation,
  • Advance Diploma in Game Programming.

Is gaming good career scope in the future:

Now day International students with technical experience and education in the field of game designing or game development are well prepared to work with game development teams in some of the best gaming companies in the world.

A degree in Gaming design or development courses after completing the 12th includes the following potential roles:

  • Programmer
  • 2D and 3D Game Designer
  • Systems Designer
  • Concept or Storyboard Artist
  • Digital Animator
  • Graphics Simulator
  • Character Artist or Animator
  • Graphics Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Storyline Editor
  • Game Tester or Quality Assurance
  • Texture Artists
  • Creative Writer

Yes, definitely with your education qualification that I wrote above, gaming career and its qualifications, you should start playing more computer games like Minecraft, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and so on in the beginning.

After years of training in tournaments and leagues, you will have the opportunity to start a professional Gamer.

As an amateur player, you need to practice a lot of playing online or on live streaming on YouTube channels.

You can become part of the gaming team or play separately But the obstacle here is not choosing a team to join you.

This is not easy. A team should find you and appoint you for this, you need to join communities and realize your presence in amateur competitions and create a portfolio (your scores on the gaming level that you play, your Gaming winning records, etc.).

You can only trust that a team will take care of you and offer. You may find various online start-ups that provide young gamers with a lot of platforms to experience the world of gaming.

So now you know what is the way to become a Pro Gamer and the future of Gaming career, gaming industry,

Nothing you need to do, Do Play, Play, and until you get an opportunity to become a part of the gaming industry.

Create a good portfolio, Keep an eye on the gaming community and sponsoring companies.

Without it, you would not be able to make money and take up gaming as a full-time career, anyway thanks for reading this blog.

If you are interested to know more about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce business, and so on, follow our site to get more updates.

Thank you, bye-bye.

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