A glimpse at freelancing’s future in 2021

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The future of freelancing in India is vibrant. A large number of individuals mainly choose to work according to their wishes, like when, wherever job they want.

An amazing factor is a research done by McKinsey that shows, about 30% to 40% of professionals in developed markets are involved in freelancing, and also In India, the freelance industry is estimated too high to grow to $30 to $40 billion by the year of 2025.

Let’s think, What drives individual people to freelance?

Technology has made this high possible.

  • Factors such as independence, freedom to choose the job they want and better financial opportunities are key factors.
  • Another important driving force is our new technology.
  • Everyone knows due to this pandemic situation most individuals are remote workers So, here the Technology has made this high possible.
  • New technology gadgets and digital advances are improving the way freelancers work and the way of the future of freelancing.
  • Combined tools like Slack, Grammarly, and Google Docs have turned working with groups around the world into a piece of cake.

According to deep research, the online market could add $3 trillion to global GDP(Gross domestic product) by the year 2025.

Okay, let’s get to in deep of the future of freelancing in India. Cities are increasingly supporting communities of freelance workers. Shared office spaces, and Fellow workplaces for specific types of members/peoples, and coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes open up to freelancers by providing basic amenities such as free internet like WiFi, and all.

Given the vibrancy of the freelance industry,

Beginning of the growth of freelancing in India:

India ranks third(3rd) in the number of start-ups.
Often in the cash crisis, early-stage startups prefer to work with freelancers instead of hiring full-time employees.

The main reason for that is?

  • Individual persons are less expensive
  • Individual persons bring domain expertise
  • Finding Kick workers is relatively easy
  • Working with freelancers is very less risky because bad(Fraud) hiring companies cost more around the world.
  • An article/blog in Forbes points out that the more demand for freelancers in the field of UX and UI designing, artificial intelligence(AI), digital marketing, and then robotics is high & effective growing in startup/Entrepreneur industries.
  • In addition, the high demand for freelance highest chartered accountants, lawyers & architects is increasing and Established companies prefer freelancers

An amazing factor of freelancing, the large and successful companies will have some domestic staff and a large number of remote, virtual, and network employees.
The survey says the 70% of large companies in the United States(US) work with freelancers because it allows domestic workers access to skills and expertise they no longer possess.

Also, there are some different types of talent pools in different cities.
These unique individuals do not want to be relocated.
For better understanding, Automation and IT professionals may not want to relocate to other cities, but maybe open to work remotely, the Corporations and companies understand this and are ready to explore remote work arrangements to gain the right skills.

Most of the support the freelance culture:

Enter co-worker space from any city, A mix of freelancers, personal advisors, and entire companies have opportunities to work from co-workers. Other than that, the cafes and shared office spaces are packed with professionals between the ages of 25 and 45.

At present, cities seem to be more growing the future of freelancing in India. However, this trend is gradually changing. Some cities are embracing colleagues. In small-town freelancing work from cafes and shared spaces.

Startups, corporates, and organizations of all kinds are embracing co-workers to give their 1000 employees the flexibility and working conditions they want. Workplaces offer flexibility in working with location, networking opportunities, and like-minded professionals.

Some of the states in India like New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune & Hyderabad are the states with the highest number of workers; And the number is increasing constantly. The working ecosystem facilitates workers who are more creative and more innovative about how people work and how the spaces are used.

High Skilled freelancers are needed all over the world:

The survey says, 5 to 10 million jobs will be lost by the year 2020. These jobs will be done by automation, AI, and robots.
Everyone knows Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, He calls this the “Biggest existential threat” to humanity. But this change can be overcome. With advanced efficiency!

With this amazing Advanced technology, AI & robotics, the skills required by companies are changing. Old job details are becoming redundant. Companies expect domain expertise. One of the best ways to find this out is with freelancers, who are constantly investing in learning and advanced skills to meet the needs of the industry.

It’s about ‘entrepreneurs’ who have been starting companies and start-ups for the past two years, and the coming years will be for ‘solopreneurs freelancers selling their skills to a variety of businesses across the industry and working independently.

In a very short:

The highlights the challenges & opportunities that freelancer labor models can bring. When companies and organizations develop and integrate strategies and programs into their organizations, it benefits everyone – businesses and individuals.

Although freelancing starts as a small thing, it continues to grow and become a major source of work. Predictions for the future estimate that many more will join this work style. Its rapid growth is supported by our new technological advances. But, it does not stop there.

The rise of technology:

The development of technology is a key factor in freeing up the future of work. First, it provides and solves many problems and things that need to be solved. As a result, it offers endless opportunities for a wide variety of workers and skills. It may start with technical requirements but then follow creative requirements.

Today, businesses require a great deal of technical expertise and it is almost impossible for one or two employees to meet all their needs. Therefore, they need to select a temporary employee to solve specific problems. Moreover, technology is constantly evolving and individuals are evolving with it.

More Freedom and liberty:

Freedom and independence at work is something that many workers want and even this is a dream.

However, due to their working conditions, they could not achieve the targeted dreams. But in freelancing opportunities change this scenario by giving them more flexibility they need.

The freelancing work allows them to establish their work style and routine.
It may include schedules, pay rates, tools, and more. Therefore, people can decide how much time and effort they want to devote to their work.

The new generation who were brought up with this new technology and movement patterns love this work style and the routine. They can present their work by sharing documents online.

It allows seniors who choose to freelance to stay up to date with new digital upgrades and at the same time be more productive.

Cost reduction:

This is my favorite part because all you know is that everybody cannot have more money so in the freelancing field cost reduction approach applies to both employers and individuals.
To begin with, employers only have to pay for specific projects. This means that they have no other financial or social obligations. By doing so, they are relieved of the financial pressures associated with applying to invest in other areas of the process.

Freelancers, on the other hand, can reduce their costs by not going to work or spending money on expensive clothing, food, and more. Also, many of them only need a good computer or laptop and good internet/ WiFi connections. Also, the costs to start operating as a freelancer are very low.

First, you may only need to sign in to freelance websites to use computers. When it comes to marketing, social networks can help you grow your business free of cost.

Creativity promotion:

The freelance world offers many opportunities to nurture more creativity.
The emergence of international markets allows access to different cultures and approaches for different sectors.

Therefore, freelancers can expand their operations and their work to suit different markets.

In a lot of cases, it is possible to develop a strategy and apply it differently to different countries.
If you have documents that need to be translated but they take up most of your time, hire professional translation services to make it easier for you.
This is highly possible for marketing, finance, web development, and many more.
Therefore, it opens the door to more opportunities than traditional jobs. But creativity can go beyond that because freelancers can organize their work in any way that works for them. Also, they can deliver their projects freely with minimal risks.

Want to increase your productivity in freelancing?

Freelance environments prove to be very flexible for both men and women. Numerous reports show that both receive equal pay to traditional jobs. Overall, employers only want to get results.

Most of them don’t care about gender. As a result, they search for the best offer from the best freelancer.

They choose freelancers to solve their problems.

In this sense, many women take advantage of the opportunity to compete with better conditions and without discrimination. As the whole world seeks to bridge the pay and job gap, it becomes clear that freelancing is an option that will grow over time.

The future of freelancing in India starts as a simple and informal thing, it is growing exponentially to include many people from all over the world.

Anyway, I hope you guys, got some amazing and new things about the future of freelancing in India, if you need more information about how to become a freelancer, Influencer, digital marketer, and so on, you can visit our latest blog post. And thanks for reading these amazing blogs, Thank you bye-bye!

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