How Start Dropshipping Businesses Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones

Dropshipping is a very smart way of starting an eCommerce business.

Are you excited about how it is possible ok don’t worry, let me tell you in this blog one by one about dropshipping?

dropshipping business

We all have heard about the word dropshipping businesses right?

For people who do not know dropshipping is, it is a business model where you sell a product online without owning the product or without taking care of the stock, warehouse, or godown. And the guy did you know why it is called smart way? 

Because in dropshipping you contact a supplier and take his product’s details. Showcase suppliers’ products attract customers to buy these products. Take orders from customers, pass on the customer’s details to the supplier and then, the supplier will deliver the products of the customer’s location. 

Here the amazing part is, You didn’t handle the product delivery part, and then without manufacturing or Making or buying or handling the products, you can sell those products. 

So this is a smart way of doing business! And that is what dropshipping is all about.

Yeah! I know guys, now you are thinking about how and where you can start your own dropshipping business right? 

There are many platforms online to start your own dropshipping business. 

Drop Shipping is a hot business in the E-Commerce space… If you are wondering why, Yeah it’s because hundreds of merchants, Just like, are looking to gain big profits, with minimum effort. That’s right, dropshipping is the best business to make a lot of money.

Here I will tell you the top 5 platforms to start your dropshipping business in 2021:


Alidropship is a dropshipping plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce where it turns your website into an AliExpress dropshipping business.

In AliExpress you can use AliExpress products to sell on your dropshipping stores or WordPress or WooCommerce, that is the functionality that they offer and they are the great thing about AliDropship.

It has no monthly subscription cost so it’s a lot cheaper than maybe some of the other plugins or suppliers or companies that you might find it’s very cost-effective because they don’t have any extra monthly subscription to worry about which is very nice and you can import AliExpress products directly in your online store with their Chrome extensions very similar to work So, Click here to get start your dropshipping.


Spocket is a relative Newer Dropshipping company, and they are a dropshipping service that works with original US and EU products suppliers so you can get those better dropshipping times usually even want to 3 days at the very minimum which is very nice in comparison to Adiexpress, 

Where you have to wait a lot longer now there are some US suppliers within AliExpress as well but Spocket connects you with those of US and EU suppliers.

It connects with Shopify WooCommerce BigCommerce and Wix So it’s one of the best platforms to do your dropshipping business click here to start your dropshipping.


Oberlo is arguably the most popular dropshipping plugin as it is owned by Shopify. 

A lot of people Shopify dropshipping with Oberlo to sell AliExpress products. 

It seems like Leslie with Shopify and I have used it many times. My opinion is probably one of the best connections there because it is so streamlined the code is super easy e like everything is very smooth.


It is a little bit different from the other options that I mentioned about they are instead a wholesale supplier directory for products and suppliers.

So you can find various products and suppliers on their now you are not limited in terms of how you want to sell the products compared to you maybe some of the apps.

 I mentioned above it only works with specific eCommerce platforms with the Salehoo allow you to select from various options and how the freedom in comparison to dropshipping on many different platforms such as has eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and wholesale even on your eCommerce Store.

In Salehoo, you have a lot more options with where you want to sell.


Shopify is a fully hosted e-commerce platform, for a monthly fee you get everything from hosting to support a website builder and other features. 

However you don’t own the site that you build, you are only renting the space on their server.

The minimum monthly fee is $29 for the most basic features, and on top of that if you make any sales you have to pay a 2% translation fee along with any other third party translation but if your budget allows it, 

you can get access to professional reports and increased functionality of their features as well as of apps on the Shopify app store that cover many e-commerce topics. 

My best opinion is to choose the Shopify platform to grow your dropshipping business.


WooCommerce is one of the free alternatives if you are tight on cash and trying to make ends meet by starting on an online store.

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress, one of the most popular website builders out there.

A free, open-source platform.

Although technically free which means you still need to pay for hosting and like Shopify that rents you their server,

Did you have a WordPress website means, you have complete control over your WooCommerce WordPress website for only A few dollars a month. But keep in mind you are not getting as much on WooCommerce as you would on Shopify.

WordPress however does have another plugin that you can install for the additional future that you are not getting with WooCommerce.

How much investment is required to start this dropshipping business?

It is less than 5000 rupees of investment but at the same time, it will need a lot of your time and efforts to grow in this business.

Now once you start your dropshipping business then how will you get customers?

You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. Using these social media platforms you can attract people to buy your products. 

In that where you will be able to redirect them to buy products from your stores or your website. 

Why people are moving towards dropshipping business:

It is a very very investment of fewer than 5000 rs you can start.

This business can be done from any location.

This dropshipping business is very flexible which means you can start anywhere, you need not have a physical store.

Dropshipping business is very easy to scalable, when you start building a brand name and people start trusting your brand you can launch your products, that way you can scale your business or grow your business.

You can sell a wide range of products not only cosmetics, not only jewellery so you can sell any type of project in dropshipping business. 

The best part of dropshipping is you would not have to take tension of handling products and delivery of products which means everything will be done by the suppliers so you need not take tension about it. 

Here I give you 5 steps you will need to take to start your very own dropshipping business. 

1.Create a business plan:

When first creating your business plan, you will need to decide on what to resell, choose a supplier, identify your target audience, and strategize how you will reach your consumer. And of course, you will need to set your budget too.                                                                                                                                                        

2.Test your supplier:

Once you have found a supplier you are content with, and you make sure to test both their products and shipping services. 

Place an order or two, and ensure that they will be a good representative of your business. 

3.Set up shop:

Will you use Etsy, Shopify, or your site-like skill Junkie?

Weight your options, test each one, and adjust your business plan accordingly before getting started.

4.Write product descriptions:

What makes your products the best on the market? And why should people buy from you? Use clear, descriptive copy to grab your customers’ attention and build a profitable relationship. 

And the main thing is you guys Don’t forget merchants, Google favours original content. So creating your Copy, Own meta descriptions, own images.

Titles will boost your store’s SEO standing! And finally  

5.Find Some Customers:

Remember when we reminded you back to the first step to creating a business plan in that I will say that to set your budget, well it’s now time to revisit those numbers. 

If you have the extra money, create an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google to target your desired audience. 

If your budget is on the smaller size no problem, utilize free social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube to generate potential interest from buyers and drive traffic to your site!

List of more profitable dropshipping products that you need to sell in 2021:

Electronic Ruler

This electronic ruler is equivalent to 9.9m steel tape+99m rangefinder+compass, suitable for straight-line measurement, arc measurement, arbitrary curve measurement, irregular surface measurement, and cylinder diameter measurement in daily life and work.

Dr Trust Electronic Kitchen Digital Scale Weighing Machine (Black)

A very lightly built digital scale, excellent for kitchen use.

Easy to handle, comes with clear instructions

Measures in various measurements – g, ml, lbs,

Easy to store,

Measure very small amounts accurately.

Grizzly Chameleon 46 In 1 Screwdriver and Socket Set Tool Kit

Grizzly 1/4 Inch Socket Combination 46Pcs Set Diy Repair Tool Kit Model:2462 is suitable for professionals, technicians. The multi-function drilling machine can be used to make holes on walls, concrete, metal, wood, and plastic. It is used to Fix your lightings, Picture frames, hangers, paintings, and so on. Also, this product is the fastest-selling for your dropshipping business.

Wireless Phone Chargers

It’s a very good piece of hardware for your dropshipping business.

Very convenient protects the charging port.

Fast Qi Wireless charger, supports 10W, 7.5W and 5W provide you connect it’s a fast charger.

It can Supports wireless charging even with Cases on for my iPhone XR.

Fast Object detection and its shuts off metal impact so it can’t easily damage.

Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table with Cup Holder 

The Callas foldable laptop & multipurpose table is a high-quality product and possibly the best among the slew of foldable products available.

Their engineering and material quality is good and has improved the quality of the plastic finish. Easy to fold and carry with the hand space built in. 

Also, the drawer option comes in handy to keep small items. Overall a good quality and functional Make in India product so guys make it use to your dropshipping.

Lenovo 300 FHD Webcam

It’s an amazing product, especially useful if you have a group of persons or a speaker and a board to be transmitted as it’s a wide-angle lens unlike most of the others including laptop webcams.. the ability to pick up audio from multiple persons in the room up to 4 feet. 

The physical camera cover and 360-degree rotation, tilt are very useful. 

It can be easily slotted onto a LED monitor or a laptop screen. 

The ability to fix on a tripod is also a neat touch.

Care view Non-Woven Fabric Reusable N95 Mask

Very good quality N95 mask. Each musk is a sealed pack and the box contains 10 such sealed packets. The ear loop is made of soft and high-quality elastane which gives comfort for long hours. Also, the musk is very soft, comfortable, and very lightweight. N95 branding is easily visible on both sides of this musk. I’ll recommend you to wear this mask over a surgical mask in this pandemic situation to be double safe. and it’s one best winning products for your dropshipping business.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This is an excellent oximeter for that purpose. We chose this particular oximeter based on, trust in the BPL brand, regardless of origin, pouch given with the oximeter, Promising previous reviews on Amazon,

waveform display Satisfied on all counts! 

The fingertip Pulse Oximeter is very good quality, protective, and is very useful for this pandemic period so, I hardly recommended it to you guys for your dropshipping product.


If your goal is to have financial freedom, then dropshipping is one of the fastest, simplest, and easiest ways to reach that goal. And again I need to say one thing dropshipping model provides small very startups with limited resources in 5 years back but now not like that everyone start dropshipping their own business to gain more money so, think about it to confidently, and don’t wait to start your dropshipping business store today itself by clicking about best dropshipping platforms and finally thanks for reading this blog guy, Thank You!.

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