Get started as a freelance writer #1 Writer in 2021 ( Highly demanded skill)

Get started as a freelance writer, Freelance writing is a great career that you guys can have and since 2020 it has grown by more than 65% in India and We consider nowadays freelancing is now officially everywhere. Your neighbour, your aunt, even your high school teacher might have a freelancing side hustle these days. 

get started as a freelance writer

The freelancing industry is growing three times faster 10 the traditional workforce, and Stats predict that by 2027 the majority of our world’s growing countries workforce will be freelancers.

I regularly come across individuals interested in pursuing freelancing as a career but they have no idea how to start or where to start so in this blog post,

I will tell you specifically be for writers who want and provide writing as a service in this blog I will tell about What is freelancing?

How to get started as a freelancer?

Freelancing means that you as a freelancer provide service to other businesses or individuals like individual clients or any other persons who need it and those services can be anything like

⦁ Content Writing 

⦁ Copy Writing 

⦁ Video Editing 

Graphic Designing and so many other services available out there and freelancing also build your presence online.

which helps you to create a global client base where you can get clients anywhere from any part of the world and the best thing about freelancing is that you get paid for the amount of work you will do.

For example: If you take multiple clients in a day and you can finish all of their work you can go for multiple clients which you to earn more and you will not be bounded by any single client as you can work for several clients and no one can say that you can’t work with others, you have to work for us. 

So it is one of the great benefits for freelancers. 

How to get started as a freelance writer? | Get started as a freelance writer

First of all, to start freelancing as a writer you need to understand 

What kind of services you want to provide as a writer and

Learn about some things like as a writer you should understand 

What content writing is 

What copywriting is…. if you want to write ads then 

What are different types of ads formats and all this kind of stuff because if anyone questions you about writing like 

What you do as a writer or what kind of service you provide then you should be confident in explaining to them all the things which you provide and knowing all the thing about what you do always helps you in every stage of freelancing.

Then along with the main writing part, you should also understand your duties as a writer like after writing is completed you should look in your article for grammar proper referencing using Grammarly it is one of the most famous and great grammar checker software, 

It is free to use and as a freelancer I 100% sure Grammarly is best for writers backbone and why I prefer Grammarly is because these small things show how sharp and involved you are in the service that you are providing.

So, yeah understand all the basic and start creating content like articles and blogs about the things you enjoy reading and like to consume content.

if you guys want to get your first client then you don’t need to write a sample for him horror you can just start writing blogs and article about what you like and post them online somewhere like LinkedIn or any other blogging platform so that you will have this portfolio.

Which you can share with your client who wants your service so you can just say to the person that you can check my work on social media profile or website with the help of this link and if you like and 

they are interested in then they can work with you by this way you don’t have to keep writing samples for everyone and you will also have this kind of a portfolio by regularly putting content out there and nowadays LinkedIn also has amazing organic growth too so, 

You can put those stories or articles there on LinkedIn or you can create a personal website and after putting some content pieces you can start pitching clients like by cold emailing ask within your family if they need your services or you can use websites like Fiverr,

Here is a need to say one thing that Fiverr is one of the great platforms for the freelancer to make extra money. And Fiverr is completely free to use, as a freelancer, I recommended to you guys to use this amazing service to gain up to 80% of your every transaction.

If you start creating your brand on a social media platform like Instagram which will help you so much in the long run and you will automatically start getting clients there like by inbound leads once you grow your social media presence so our Skill Junkie provides you a complete guide for you guys became a successful freelancer and in that way

I will suggest you 2 basic method:

⦁ I would recommend you to learn all the basics about writing like content writing, Copywriting and stuff and also about grammar citation referencing here I already tell that it better to use Grammarly tool for more attractive and all these things.

⦁ You should create a portfolio where you can write 4 to 5 samples which you can share with your clients and then at last you can start pitching clients which will help you to get your first client. 

Here I give you 3 main goals for every freelancing beginners:

⦁ To Avoid self deprecated talk is better in freelancing,

⦁ Every freelancer need to Start with goals,

⦁ Be open to try new things every time.

Here are the 6 reasons why freelancing in the future:

⦁ Brand and businesses need specialized skills:

Every business at some point in time or another will encounter one of those one-off projects is a task that needs specialized help with, and it is way more efficient and financial smart for that business to hire a freelancer as a contract worker, rather than scouting new employee that they have to onboard, training and give salary and benefits to.

So if they go straight to the source and just hire an expert freelancer who already knows what they are doing and they are good at it, then only they will get their deliverable quicker and cheaper. 

And a lot of the time those one-off projects will turn into a consistent gig Vidya monthly check for us freelancers. It is a Win-Win. 

⦁ Job freedom and flexibility:

Well, 2020-2021 has taught us anything is that there is no much thinking has job security, just like a stable position could be deemed unessential, and you could be laid off.

But when you are a freelance work for yourself which means you can never really be let off or let go because you are in complete control of your workload, that is how many clients you have, how much you charge, and what skill you can learn. 

So that’s why I said this job freedom and flexibility is life-changing. 

As a freelancer, you became a master of the pivot. Yes, a word we heard so much in 2020. You know you can learn a new skill, find a new client if you lose one, and grow professionally has a much has you want to need to. The main thing is no matter the state of a global economy, my point of view business will always need specialized skills. 

⦁ Technology makes your freelance business has a breeze.

Nowadays more than ever all of the Technology advancements and innovations that are seeing in the workforce are pulling society away from that corporate styles of conferences and 


digital meeting and 

Communications and so on, which are more favors for freelancers. 

The freelancing business is no longer limited to finding employees just in their local area. Now they can employ experts and specialist from anywhere in the world so which makes a lot of sense of businesses because it opens up their options or hiring the best talent they can find like Zoom, Skype, and so on the online work environment has been streamlined and optimized for freelancer success. 

This kind of tool makes it effortless for the freelancer to manage, communicate, and get payments from clients all around the world.

⦁ Your earning potential is unlimited:

Yes, that’s what a lot of freelancers get the most excited about. And while it is true that money isn’t everything, it is nice to know that there is no glass ceiling intense of how much income you can bring in.

So when it comes to making money as a freelancer, there is no limit so you said your price on you Decide how many clients you wanna work with. And therefore you can make as much or as little money as you want to.

Just remember, though, that your prices be in direct reflection of your skills, experience, and the value you bring to the table.

However it possible for you to get there if you put in the work.

In Freelancing, you get out what you put in. So half long half you are willing to do the work and find the right clients you make a bucket of that money honestly. 

⦁ A better work/Life balance:

So for a long time, people had to choose, right?

Family or work, a good career or traveling the world, A high income, or doing something that bringing you joy. 

For a long time, it was not possible to have the best of both worlds, lost not easy, right? But with freelancing, it is.

Freelancing bridges the gap between having a stable income and being able to spend more time with your family, travel the world or do what you love to do because it can be done from anywhere you choose and whenever you choose. 

So for example, 

The new mom who wants to spend all days with her baby can still earn money by working during naps and after bedtime, or the millennial who wants to travel the world without staying in hostels can travel whenever their heart desires, stay at the best resorts and hotel along with the way, and supplement their income through freelancing.

⦁ Freelancing is not replaceable by AI:

So in my opinion, AI will never fully replaced freelancing,

Because we are humans and we need emotional connections and that will never change. 

So rather than seeing this inevitable advancement in technology as a treat as an excuse to not get started, think about how you can Strategically use these AI tools to support you in your freelancing journey. 

The truth is that freelancers are more prepared for those AI shifts than the general workforce because freelancers can work with AI tools to generate a quicker and better resource for their clients. 

Whereas other more standard employment options may be complete if not already replaced by AI, so think manufacturing lines and call centers. 

No matter what though, real human connection, empathy, and creativity cannot be replaced by a robot, which is so important for copywriting.

So are you convinced that freelancing is a future? 

If you are ready to kick start your freelancing journey.

Here are three quick easy and practical ways for you to get started making money today.

⦁ Get specific:

So the first is obvious. You have to pick what you want to do.

So start with your passions and your natural skill set and go from there. 

Do you love writing?

Website design


Social media 

You can easily obtain any one of these passions into a full-time profitable and fulfilling freelancing career. 

So get out your pen and a piece of paper and start brainstorming some ideas.

Write down a list of three to four things that you are passionate about and would be great at an example when compared others content to your content, you’re content needs to look great iconic took 

I will give you a suggestion for creating a great tool that you can use Canva software for editing your blog or article’s images and Canva was an amazing software tool for graphic design so it will be an amazing tool for freelancers.

⦁ Package your skills:

You need to get very clear on who you are, what you doing, and how you can help businesses. So if you want to be a copywriter, for example, you are not gonna land very many clients by approaching them and saying hi, I am a copywriter and I will be writing a copy for you…

You will, however, how much more success if you say, hey, I am a copywriter and I specialize in writing email sequences. 

Can I help you out with your email sequences to sell more of your products? 

No matter what freelancing industries you are in, getting super-specific on what you offer is very important before you pitch any clients. 

⦁ Find clients:

Put yourself out there and find some clients. Remember that you need to be visible to be seen. 

So update your social media like your Instagram your Facebook your LinkedIn profile, to reflect who you are and what you are now doing. 

Get on freelancing sites like it Fiverr and Upwork and start reaching out directly to brands and businesses that you won’t work for.

And this is the most important advice of all be real and be personal and make sure you are talking about how you can help them, not why they should hire you. And I know that the initial process of finding your first client can like a daunting task but once you get over that initial hump, 

If you do a great job and show up with integrity, as a freelancer I promise you that it will get so, so much easier.

 And finally thanks for reading this amazing blog and if you need more updates about freelancing, digital marketing, how to write a perfect blog (as you are a freelancer you need to know about blogging). And so on updates kindly follow us.

Thank you! Bye-bye.

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