Google AdSense Tutorial: How to Make Money With Google AdSense

Need to add Google AdSense to your amazing WordPress or Wix or other sites?

Google AdSense is probably the most straightforward method for bringing in cash online through your site. It permits you to sell your site’s publicizing space naturally to sponsors and get compensated.

In this amazing article, we will show you how to add Google AdSense to WordPress, along with some great practices and tips to increase your revenue.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a publicizing network run by Google that permits bloggers and site proprietors to earn money by displaying text, images, videos, and other interactive ads on their websites. These advertisements are focused on by the site’s substance and crowd, so they are extremely pertinent.

Google AdSense is sans bother since you don’t need to manage publicists or stress over bringing in cash. Google oversees and keeps up with associations with sponsors. They will gather the expense, take their organization charge and send the remainder of the cash to you.

AdSense offers one-click ads (CPC), which means you earn money every time a user clicks on your website. The sum got per snap will differ in light of different elements.

Getting everything rolling with AdSense

You should simply pursue a Google AdSense account. On the off chance that you have a Gmail account, you can join utilizing a current record.

When you present your application, you should hang tight for the Google AdSense group to survey it. For certain distributors, this might require a couple of hours to half a month.

Whenever it is endorsed, you can sign in to your AdSense account and accept your promotion code. This is the code you want to put on your WordPress site to show advertisements.

With Google AdSense robotized promotions, you can simply glue a code, and afterward, Google will consequently decide when, where, and the number of advertisements to show on each page.

In any case, numerous distributors utilize the manual strategy to put individual promotions on their sites.

We will show you the two techniques. We prescribe beginning to publicize physically first. Once you start earning, compare automated ads to yourself.

AdSense Tutorial How to Make Money With Google AdSense

The most effective method to Make Money With Google AdSense In 2022

Make a top-notch site – First, to get the chance to make money with Google AdSense you first need to apply for a high-quality website or blog for their project and get approval.

Authenticating your website with AdSense is not as easy as it was many years ago. The Google group is currently searching for additional subtleties when new sites join their undertaking. Yet, above all your site ought to be better and not just made to bring in cash through Adsense.

Yes, there are creators of websites created for AdSense, and Google is very much against it, and you will not be accepted if you try to infiltrate a website like that.

What is a “Made for Adsense” site?

Well, that means all the sites that have less content or are just a few articles without grammatical errors or a collection of useless and boring articles are grouped in a more competitive place that can cost more. They have nothing but Adsense ads on their websites.

So, the first step in making money from Google AdSense is to have a high-quality website ready before you apply.

To do this, your website/site should mainly focus on the amazing following:

  • Website Speed ​​– Make sure your site loads fast and upgrades properly with plug-ins and tools
  • Social Media Balance – Add social media links to your website (create a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc. for your site)
  • Legal Pages – Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Contact Page, About Us Add the required legal pages to your site.
  • Unique, rich, and impressive content – tutorials, how-to guides, articles, videos, etc.
  • Empowerment & Professionalism – Health advice should be from qualified teachers
  • Responsive Design – Make sure your site looks great on each gadget (work area, versatile, tablet, TV, and so on.)
  • Good user experience – Your website should be easier for your users/audience to navigate and then use, do not complicate it

However, indeed, happiness is perhaps the main part of making a great site. You can not submit a new website with only 5 articles of 300-500 words to Google AdSense and expect to be approved.

It no longer works like that, so make sure your site has content that is unique, easy to read, and slightly longer than 500 words each. I recommend submitting your website to be approved by AdSense only if you have 25-30 unique high-quality articles with at least 600-800 words on your site.

For new sites or online journals, the Google AdSense program is one of the fastest ways of adapting, which is the reason it is so well known.

Advantages and Disadvantages of getting cash with Google AdSense

The Google AdSense program has a few incredible advantages:

  • Joining is free.
  • Qualification necessities are straightforward, meaning you can adapt regardless of whether your site or blog is new.
  • There is an assortment of publicizing choices that you can alter to suit the look and feel of your site.
  • If you reach the $100 limit, Google pays you directly by deposit each month.
  • You can run advertisements on different sites from one AdSense account.
  • There are decisions to run ads on phones and RSS channels.
  • You can easily add this to your Blogger and YouTube accounts, however on YouTube, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time to enable AdSense on your videos.

In addition, AdSense has some drawbacks:

  • When people click on an AdSense ad, you’re making less money, but your visitors are leaving your site, meaning you’re missing out on the opportunity to make more money with your products or services.
  • It does not have to pay more than other similar advertising programs.
  • Google may terminate your account immediately, and you may not be forgiven for violating the rules.
  • Like all types of online income, you need transportation to make money.

AdSense is a great monetization option, but it does not make you rich quickly or make money. Also, Google has rules that some bloggers seem to miss when reading the Terms of Service. As a result, many website owners find it difficult to break Google’s policy and permanently lose their accounts.

AdSense Tutorial How to Make Money With Google AdSense

Making Money With AdSense

A plan is needed to make a substantial amount of money through AdSense.

Here are a few hints to build AdSense income:

  • Maximize your ad view: Three static ad views per page will be allowed. Use them all for maximum benefit.
  • Keep promotions around the top: This is the region of your page that can saw without scroll.
  • Beneath your title/logo ought to be a competitor list promotion: Instead of setting the advertisement at the highest point of the page, place it in an observable spot close to your logo.
  • Add content ads for visibility: This means your articles should have ads, which can increase the number of clicks because they are visible when reading the post.
  • Track your results: Google will immerse you in tools and ideas but do everything you can to analyze your data to see what it has to say about your results.
  • Read and follow Google’s rules: Webmasters must comply with Google’s Webmaster Policies and AdSense Project Policy.
  • Do not click on your ads or ask others to click on them: it’s against the rules to promote clicks, buy one click (PPC) space, or use a program designed to drive traffic to AdSense pages. Keep in mind that Google does not apologize for breaking the rules, so be sure to abide by them.
  • Keep the best content your target market wants to read: Ultimately, your blog or website is monetized by AdSense or other monetization methods by delivering valuable content and quality traffic.
  • Use Internet Marketing Techniques to Generate Honest, Organic Traffic: Search engine optimization and article marketing can be effective in getting free traffic to your site.
  • Make sure your website/blog is mobile compatible (responsive): The number of mobile device users is high. Likewise, ensure you utilize responsive advertisements so that Google sends the proper promotion levels to the cell phones that view your site.
  • Test ad types and locations to find options that lead to higher revenue: start with standard sizes (300 × 250, 728 × 90, and 160 × 600) and then change them to another to see if one size leads to more clicks.
  • Read the email provided by Google: If Google sends an alert about something you do not like on your site, it’s very important. The inability to deal with Google’s grumblings will bring about the end of the program.


Things being what they are, might you at any point bring in cash with AdSense? I will say OK, AdSense is an extraordinary method for bringing in cash online even in 2022.

I have a few locales that can create income through AdSense (alongside some results/benefits other than AdSense) that bring me ordinary month-to-month income.

Do you prescribe attempting to adapt a site with AdSense?

You should try to make money online not only through AdSense but also through multiple sources.


Indeed, as I said above, AdSense is an extraordinary method for bringing in cash on the web, however, you depend intensely on Google. If one day they decide that your website violates one of their policies and rules, they will suspend your AdSense account and your site will no longer make that much money you will lose the money you earned that month. AdSense account suspended.

Yes, there are many Adsense alternatives you can join, but none of them compare to Google Adsense, how much you can earn and how reliable they are to get paid on time every month.

By and large, AdSense is extraordinary, however, you want to have alternate ways of bringing in cash on the web, for example, partner showcasing or promoting your items or administrations. I hope this article has helped you with how to make money with Google AdSense, and if you have any questions, don’t forget to leave me a comment below and share it.

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