Top 15 digital marketing materials that you must know in 2021

Top 15 digital marketing materials that you must know in 2021.

There has always been a great deal of interest in digital marketing materials, To quickly identify new opportunities that active businesses and marketers can tap into, the best marketers are constantly scanning new digital marketing trends, technology, and sites… 

But digital marketing material is very important to do digital marketing so before we going to digital marketing we need to know…

What is digital marketing material?

digital marketing material

Digital marketing materials have a wide range of online and offline media that can be used to support the sales process. 

In simple terms, marketing materials are a collection of different types of media that help to increase sales of a particular product or service.  

Therefore, every part of the content, Books, post, Brochure, description, videos, social media posts, GIFs, and so on can be considered as marketing materials.

Now, the time is to learn top digital marketing material,

Top 15 digital marketing materials that you must know in 2021.

1- E-Books

The brands who want to position themselves as officials in specific topics can see in E-Books to share their expertise. 

E-Books will inform your audience, a great way to teach education. 

At this point, you will wonder how E-Books are different from white documents. 

Both pieces of long-form of aim to learn about readers on a particular topic, but E-Books are less technical and generally more entertaining. 

White documents are a great digital property but very appropriate to use in the phase. When writing an E-Book, make sure your content is engaged in your content to read your content as long as you go.

You can add social links to the most visual and valuable partitions. 

2- Blogs Post

Blog posts are one of the most popular types of network, and brands attract a wide audience.

In addition to educating the audience, business blog posts often invite action to persuade new readers to view the company’s products, services, or other content.

Because they are the hub for answering the questions people are looking for, they effectively drive traffic to your website and help build brand awareness as a by-product for your company.

Blog posts are often used at any funnel stage counting on what the decision to action is.

However, they are also very good for awareness-level marketing. By writing posts that address the issues facing your prospects, you help them on their journey to finding a solution, while at the same time creating brand awareness.  

You can also make a feature story with an influence that shares your company’s values.

One of the best news for the blog post is 57% of marketers said they gained customers through blogging.

3- Landing Pages 

Landing pages are complete pages linked to specific marketing campaigns.  

This is where your visitors land when they click on ads.  

They usually include a form asking for your prospective contact information.  

Depending on the purpose of each campaign, they act as a cover for the pages they link to.

Although landing pages can be used for different purposes at different stages of a buyer’s journey, they are usually used to gather information for the leading generation in the awareness phase.  

This includes filling out the form in exchange for downloading the content or staying on the company mailing list.

You can create multiple landing pages for different campaigns that lead to the same page even after the user has completed the survey or form.  

You can also create landing pages for each page of your website with specific gate content.  

The content behind each of your landing pages will serve different purposes.  

You can customize your content for your audience by asking for your opportunity to provide additional information.  

The most important benefit of getting your future contact information is that you can use them.

4-Branded content

This is content created by a brand that is specifically featured in a news release.  

One advantage of branded content is that it is often generated in a news article-like way rather than advertising.

They are the benefit of creating trust and confidence among the possible and existing customers. 

When a news release shows your brand poses in their release, it can be compared to some sort of credibility verification. 

In the Research of Skill Junkie, 59% of digital marketers used branded content to succeed in digital marketing.

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5- Case studies

Case studies are examples of how a product/service benefits its consumers. They are also used to document the success of brands on Multiple pages or Single pages.  

Case studies are divided into 4 main components which are,



Conclusion and 

Client review/testimony.  

The main advantage of a case study is that in the process of obtaining customer testimony, you can identify if they want to become an evangelist for your brand.  

This is another low-cost method of marketing as the customer’s recommendation of your product/service comes from a place of true satisfaction; 

Increases your brand’s online presence and enhances its reputation.  

Interested consumers may be more vulnerable to brand evangelists trying out your product/service, thus increasing sales and increasing brand loyalty with more positive reviews and suggestions.

6- White paper

Now, having a deep in a technical matter is defined as white paper.  

Businesses often use “white papers” to express their expertise in their business.  

They are long with E-Books but written in technology rather than an entertaining style.  

The white paper can be used to explain more technical information and usually go deeper than a blog post.  

This interactive white paper on data privacy and GDPR from the BDO illustrates this point.  

Because of special topics such as data privacy and GDPR, white papers are the best choice for educating their audience.

Statistics show that more than 71% of B2B buyers used white paper to research purchase results.

7- Infographics

Infographics are another form of bonding that can be used throughout the Customers/buyer’s journey but are most common during the awareness phase.  

A chart is a description, diagram, chart, or any of those elements.  

They can be used as complete content pieces or added as part of a blog post or article.

With so much content on the internet, it’s hard to stand alone. Infographics do a great job of grabbing your attention because of how visual they are.  

Research shows that humans are better at processing visual information than text, which means that a chart can make a lasting impression on your audience.

Therefore, it is reported that 40% of consumers respond better to visual information compared to plain text formatting.

8- Corporate brochures

They include information/details and contacts about a company’s products or services. With all the tools now available to create online content, publications have evolved into easily shared digital information resources.  

They can be confused with E-Books and digital magazines when displayed digitally, but short copy and bullet points are a distinctive feature of publications.

9- Visual explainers(explain video)

Brands need a video marketing strategy

This idea is not new. How important video is on every site and channel has changed.

Video is no longer part of your overall marketing plan. It is central to your frontier and campaign efforts… especially your social strategy.

The video completely dominated social media. Skill junkie research shows that global channels are social channels for consumers to watch any video.

Why is this important?  

If you did not create the video, you may back down.  

But don’t worry. For most videos, it’s very simple and green, looks very reliable content… 

that is very important for your audience but create a visual explainer is 100% profits for your digital marketing.

10- Digital Newsletter

Businesses generally use newsletters to stay in touch with current customers.  

They are also used to keep customers updated on new features or product updates.

They are usually sent as emails, and almost 70% of businesses rely on them to stay connected with their customers.

There are great ways to send updates to your customers. If you send your email newsletters frequently you may find your customers intrusive.  

They are more outdated. If you want to find new ways to stand out among your competitors, try to present your newsletter as an interactive digital publication.  

This will encourage your readers to engage in all your content.

There are many benefits to using newsletters.  

In addition to connecting with customers, you can direct traffic to your site through CTAs. 

At the point of consideration or decision making, they can be used to drive sales and move further opportunities down the funnel.  

If you use newsletters to close deals, offers like coupons and custom content will convert users.

Whether your newsletters target your current or loyal customers, you can choose different ways to distribute them to different target groups.  

Customizing your campaigns will result in better engagement from your customers.

11- Digital report

There are many ways to ready up your digital statements/reports.  

With an interactive content creation tool like Folio, you can create reports that use charts, Infographics, and visual aids to present your numeric data.  

Most importantly, your report will be responsive and viewable on different devices, and accessible. Digital year reports are a common form of digital reporting.  

They are designed to inform a company’s shareholders about important information such as financial metrics, sales statistics, and company growth.  

Disclosure of impact is important for the annual report. Your readers will want to know how your work affects the communities, businesses, and individuals associated with your organization.  

You can collect this data and conduct interviews to present them as quotes or testimonials. It takes effort to produce an annual report. If you are going to create a year, you should try to make your report as scalable as possible so it was more and more useful for your digital marketing.

12- Digital products catalogues

The digital product table is an extended, book-length, format of the digital brochure.  

They contain detailed and comprehensive information about a brand’s products/services. Some digital product lists also contain stories about the brand’s products/services. 

Businesses with a wide range of products/services often use digital product listings.  

It is easier for consumers to see you at the same time than individually, so it encourages sales and it will develop your digital marketing.

13- Re-Engagement emails

These are sent to the customer who encourages them to complete the purchase/subscription.  

They are also used to inform the customer of the opportunity to upgrade their product/service for a better experience.  

Reports show that cart abandonment can be recovered by

re-engagement emails from approximately 67% to 12%.

14- Company background

It provides a consumer with information about your business type, its headquarters, and its branches.  

Brief biographies of company managers and key employees are important.  

While this may not be easily noticed, it does greatly help consumer confidence in your brand.  

Such customers will be reluctant to make purchases/subscriptions.

15- Customer magazines

As with any regular magazine, customer magazines have a wide variety of short and long format stories.

However, consumer magazines focus on content related to a particular brand, rather than articles covering a variety of topics.

Customer magazines are long and contain different types of micro-content that can serve different purposes and can be used at any funnel stage.

Many brands use customer magazines to communicate important announcements about their products in a highly entertaining and reader-friendly manner. 

There is no standard format for the customer magazine, but the content usually follows themes related to a particular category or brand.


Now that you know these top 15 types of digital marketing materials you need, you can have your entire marketing communications package and create any network for new and existing customers to come back to you.

As we discussed the future of web-based content in the section above, you are already one step ahead of most marketers out there.  

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