15 tips to create an ebook for beginners step by step

The best way to build your brand or service is to increase the size of your audience through content marketing, but can only be by create an ebook.

In this blog, I will share with you some amazing tips on creating an ebook for beginners step by step. An ebook is one of the best content types you can create for your content marketing strategy.

Most people consume content online with the help of ebooks, which will become more popular in the future but for one thing, writing an ebook can be a very challenging process, especially if you have never done it before.

Although an ebook does not have to be long, it is usually much deeper than a blog post.

In this blog, I include the amazing steps you can take to create a high quality book to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that this process may need to be adjusted depending on your time constraints and the size of your ebook and also the right ebook software.

15 tips to create an ebook for beginners step by step right ebook software

Below are some fantastic steps to create high quality ebooks:

1. Develop the main purpose of creating ebooks:

First and foremost, you need to decide what you are writing this book for.

At the most basic level, the purpose of any book should be read, but your ebook will be very different depending on what you want to do.

Here are some popular reasons why authors publish ebooks:
  1. Earn More Money With Ebook Sales,
  2. To develop the reputation of being an authority in their profession,
  3. Free content to give to email subscribers, and so on reason but whatever the reason, if you decided to create an ebooks means you just need to do a lot of research.

You need to decide your plans for your ebook first as it will affect every subsequent step of the writing process.

For example, if you are writing a book that you plan to sell, it should be longer than the one you are using for free.

When you do this, you also need to think about who your target market is.

You need to create an ebook that will appeal to the specific population you are targeting.

2. Choose the right titles for your ebooks:

You need to know why you are writing this book, and more than you have to read the ebooks of famous writers, it is time to decide on a topic.

Your options are open if you are writing fiction, it is usually best to use a useful title that you can include.

As popular option is to help the reader fix an issue or achieve a goal.

  • If you write about Website, In an easy way, how to get first 1,000 visites may be your topic.
  • If you write about exercise, your topic is how to lose 5kg of fat in your body.
  • Suppose you have a travel blog. You can write an ebook about fixing a new country as a foreigner or write about a famous/good thing/facts of a country.
  • Whichever topic you choose, the most important thing is that you are interested in it.

Completing an ebook will become a great master, and if you do not like writing about it, you are likely to push hard times and finish what you started.

3. Take notes on your eBook topics or do homework:

  • When coming to create an ebook for free, The amount of research you need to do depends on how much knowledge you already have about your topic.
  • Even if you are an expert in this matter, you should read the topic first.
  • By looking at what others have written on a topic, one can be sure to find a new perspective or new perspective instead of re-reading the same ground that previous writers covered.
  • If your resources for your book, you should do some research to find them.
  • Even if you have all the information you need online, you may want to consider ordering some books on your topic or visiting the library.
  • Facilitate multiple book authors Use online resources only for, and by using resources from real books, you can go the extra mile and set aside your work.

4. Select the suitable tools for creating ebooks(Right ebook software):

There are tons of tools and programs you can use to design and design your ebook.

Whatever you use will greatly reduce your personal preference.

Here below I give some amazing tools (Right ebook software) to keep in mind for create an ebook:
  • To write Microsoft Word and Google Docs,
  • Grammarly.com to check your ebook spelling & grammar errors.
  • PicMonkey Format your eBook card.
  • Fiverr for hiring a freelancer to design your card.
  • Canva to format your images.

5. Create a topic that will grab people’s attention

At this point, all the initial tasks are done and you can start your writing process.

It’s wise to find your topic first because it will help keep track. Of course, this is easier said than done but need to do.

The best way to build your brand or service is to increase the size of your audience through content marketing, but can only be by creating an E-book.

6. How to start a blog:

  • The first topic is generic and looks like many books and articles. Second, it draws in the reader’s head how many subscribers they can get, and in how little time, increases the chance of conversion.
  • One final tip for choosing your title – if you can, get a title that you can register as a domain name. A website will defenifly dedicated to your ebook is a more valuable for marketing tool.

7. Publish your book:

  • Your outline helps you keep track of your ebook and your topic. It’s much easier to write when you map an existing layout instead of creating it as you go.
  • The length and detail of your outline depend on how long you plan to build your ebook.
  • For a 25 to 30 pages book, you should be fine with a clear brief description covering only one or two pages, however, you can of course be more complete if you wish.
  • If you are planning an in-depth book of 100 pages or more pages, you should take the time to attach a long description. By doing this will keep you and your writing more focused.
  • This is not high school and you are not standardized on your outline, which means you should use any format that is convenient.
  • You can work better with “Times to Roman” in front of your titles or keep blank bones with some title ideas and a general description of the content in that section. As long as you follow your exterior, you are good to go.

8. Go to the first draft:

  • If you plan to wait for your inspiration, or if you feel like you’re sitting at your computer, the words will start to run, and you’ll probably have a rude awakening.
  • When writing, inspiration is a myth. Good writers take the time to write every day because those who wait for inspiration usually can’t write anything.
  • Writing a book is easy to put off, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities in life. That’s  why I said you have to that it yourself.
  • Choose a specific time each day and dedicate yourself to writing your ebook or whatever do in your life. If possible, choose a deadline when you are most effective and alert.
  • This may take an hour or half an hour. If you sit down to write, get rid of potential distractions. Turn off your phone or keep it quiet.
  • Make sure no one else in the house knows to bother you. If you think you want to browse the internet, stop it altogether.
  • Focus on minimizing your ideas, even if each section does not leave the park. You have a lot of opportunities to tweak everything.
  • Don’t worry about design when writing your first draft. This method gets the first edition of your ebook, nothing else matters.
  • No need to add quotes or search for exact stats at this time. You can add notes in those areas to add a source or find that statistic.

9. Tighten your work with restorations and corrections:

  • Begin your redesign and editing as soon as you have completed the first draft. Take two days off a week and your work will be fresh when you look back.
  • If you have time, a break is the best way to recharge for a while and get your ebook out of your head.
  • Finding mistakes in your work and making improvements is so much easier when you don’t already see it everyday. But if you are in a time crisis, you need to speed up this process.
  • The amount of your time will also determine how many redesigns you will make before deciding if you have received it.

10. During your editing, you should note:

You should also search for spelling and grammar errors, but it is self-explanatory. I use grammarlly to check spelling and grammatical errors.

Be patient when you edit. First draft if you want to expel content without wasting time on small details. Redesigns and revisions are all about those little details, and it can take time to get them right.

15 tips to create an ebook for beginners step by step right ebook software
Woman reading an e-book online digital smartphone with application mobile device

11. Add graphics:

  • Now, your ebook is a collection of words. To make it professional and interesting for your readers, you need to add some graphics.
  • These can be photos, pictures or drawings depending on what you think will be relevant to the content of your book.
  • If you are publishing a novel, you do not need much in the way of graphics other than your book cover.
  • It is best to add graphics to other types of ebooks because you can bet that your competition will be.
  • Where to get the perfect graphics? If this is your photos, there are plenty of photo markets where you can buy professional photos for a small fee.

12. How to make a book cover: 

  • I recommend Right ebook software that PicMonkey and Canva because they are ready-made templates so creating a book involves the breeze.
  • Remember that the graphics in the ebook are like salt in home-cooked food. When you spray them enough, they can make the best content even better.
  • Excess, on the other hand, will have more power and the final product will appear slower. The existence of Right ebook software is what you write, only to improve everything.

13. Design and finish your book

You are done, and there are some finishing touches, including the design you need to handle.

With medium and long books, this is not something you can throw away. 

Here are some tips, how to finalize your e-book:
  • Select your font, margins and page size
  • Create a table of contents
  • Insert your graphics
  • Write down your book profile and any conditions if need
  • Add titles and footnotes to the book title
  • Add a bio to let your readers know more about you
  • Save it when you’re done, do another quick read to make sure any of the links in it are working properly, and then place a large tray on the back when your ebook is finished.

14. The second opinion Stay tuned:

  • This can be a very stressful part of the whole ebook process, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it.
  • Your ebook will represent you, otherwise readers will never see your content again.
  • You have already spent a lot of time on your ebook, you are far from an unbiased reader, which means you need a second opinion (i.e., 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on).
  • Ask feedback, it will help determine if your book is ready for release or if additional work is needed.
  • Even if it’s hard to hear a critique of something you’ve worked so hard for, don’t take it personally.
  • Open those reviews and use them to improve your work. After all, this is the whole point of asking for those ideas first.

15. Publish your book:

  • Once your ebook is ready, you can upload it to your website or online marketplace and start spreading the word about it. If you sell your ebook, you need to set a price for it.
  • Pricing can be tricky, and it can help other authors see what their ebooks are selling for.
  • If you write an advanced ebook and other executives in your industry sell it for $100, you can definitely do it.
  • There is no single way to market ebooks. You should advertise your ebook on your website as much as possible, and if the ebook contains free content, you should mention it on every page.
  • Skill Junkie is a good place to do this. If you are selling your ebook, you may want to run some paid ads to click on search engines or social networks.


Writing an ebook can take a long time, or if you are writing a summary, you can do it within a day.

By following the process above, you will have a better chance of accomplishing something. Most importantly, your finished product will be professional and engaging, and anyway I hope you guys like very much this amazing blog, if you need to know more about businessdigital marketing kindly check our latest blogs and again thanks for reading this blog thank you bye-bye.

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