Microsoft Word Print Not Working: Windows 10

Microsoft Word is a Microsoft Office application that allows users to create and edit MS Office documents. Microsoft Word Print Not Working is a common issue for many people who use MS Office.

But it can be solved in some cases by rebooting your computer. This blog post will go over the steps you need to take if Microsoft Word is not printing correctly on your Windows PC, so keep reading!

How to Fix When Microsoft Word Print Not Working

Word is a popular word processor. It is used by many people who have a Windows operating system. Sometimes, the program might not work well. But other times, it will work very well for you.

First, Reboot everything. This technique should help you. To do this, turn off your computer and Printer first. Then turn them on again. It will free up resources such as RAM and CPU and fix common bottlenecks preventing Word from printing the document.

Check Printer

Make sure the Printer is on and that there are no loose wires. All of its lights should be on. The paper should not be caught or clogged in any way. To avoid future jams, remove any bent or crimped paper.

There are many reasons why your Printer might not work. One of the most common causes is dust. You should also clean it inside and out, especially if there is dust or dead insects on it. My neighbor had a problem with papers being damaged by bugs.

Check Internet

If your Printer is not working, try this. Go to Microsoft’s website, and they will show you how to make it go from down to online. You might be able to fix it by checking the router or Wi-Fi connection.

Do not use old USB cables. Make sure you are in the range of the wireless Printer. Check to make sure everything is right before trying to print that Word document again.

Uninstall / Reinstall

I can’t print in Word. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Printer. But it still won’t work. Is there anything else I can try?

If you need to remove the Printer:

  1. Right-click on it in the heading Printer.
  2. Select Remove device.
  3. Let it go for a few minutes, and then add a new printer if you need to.

Windows should be able to find your printer if it is turned on and connected correctly.


Windows 10 has a tool that helps you find and fix problems. It is called the troubleshooting tool. It helps you fix problems with built-in applications and services, such as printing. To access settings, press Windows key+I. Then search for ‘Find and fix printer problems.

If you want to fix something automatically:

  1. Click on Advanced.
  2. Select Next so the system can search for a solution.
  3. Once it finds a possible solution, follow the instructions on the screen.

Update Drive

The driver might be installed by double-clicking on the Printer option in the Device Manager. To expand it, search for and then open the Device Manager. Select the Update driver option from right-click menu on the Printer’s name.

If there are any driver updates, the computer will look for them and install them. You can also go to the manufacturer’s website to get the most recent version.

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